1. M

    Need Advice For Projector

    Respected Admin and Friends I'm a high school teacher. i want to buy a Projector for my school's class work as well for home entertainment. some days in the past i have read a advert. in news paper about some Epson 3d projector but i can't remember its model no. at this time. if you know please...
  2. ax3

    Blu ray rw !!!

    hi, any1 got a blu ray rw ??? plz do suggest me ... Thanx
  3. C

    mobile getting on and off

    Hi! I'm new here, I bought a used iPhone 5. it was ok initially, but after 1 one month it started by itself getting on and off. can you solve this problem plz?? thanks in advance
  4. ax3

    old cassettes to mp3

    hi, i want to convert my old cassettes to mp3 ... via music system to desktop pc ... which wires & software do i get ??? plz help ... i had read it in digit mag long back ... if any1 remembers can you plz point to that article also ... thanx
  5. H

    need a 40" led tv for home use

    I need a 40" led tv Full hd 1080p I do not require smarttv So plz suggest me a 40" full hd 1080p tv
  6. H

    need smartphone under 6200/-

    I need a smartphone under 6200 my budget is strict plz suggest me a good smartphone under my budget
  7. sainath

    Used I5 3340 Vs Fx 6300 Plz Help.

    Hi, I am in dilemma plz solve my issue. Actually I am having Intel Pentium G2020+h61m MB. It is giving bottleneck to my GTX 660 2GB while playing GTA 5 (even at low - medium settings at 1080p). I am getting second hand i5 3340 for Rs. 6.5k (without any bill, box and fan) and FX-6300+GA-78LMT MB...
  8. Shibaprasad

    Second hand Laptop Help

    Hp 15-ac043tu for Rs16000 i3 4005u 4GB RAM 1TB No OS Is it a good deal? plz help.
  9. R

    laptop under 40-45k

    hi there.. i am looking for: ram: 4-8gb or more(the more the better) graphics card:1/2gb(nvidia/amd whichever is best ) HDD:500gb/1TB OS:doesn't matter processor:i5(4th or 5th gen) or amd processor! if they are reliable and good as i hv no idea about that. also i will prefer the...
  10. V

    Subwoofer problem in 5.1 speakers. plz help me.

    Sir, few days back I have purchased f&d f6000 5.1 speakers from (second hand products market) as the production is stopped for this particular model. I was tempted by the reviews in flipkart and snapdeal. Plz check the specs in flipkart. So finally when I have connected to my...
  11. S

    Xperia Z Ultra - Is it a good buy @13990?

    Since last week, I have been seeing the Xperia Z Ultra occasionally becoming available for INR 13990. Plz advise if it is a good buy at this price.
  12. L

    suggest me a PSU plz

    my PSU gave up today i m planning to get a new one as against my existing mercury psu. plz kindly guide me which is best among the below my selected options for PSU| i am contemplating between CORSAIR CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU Antec VP450P I 450 Watts PSU Seasonic Eco Series 400W Power...
  13. V

    Need a Dual-Sim Android --Budget 22k

    Need To buy a mobile for my sister... Budget: 22k Dual Sim: Yes,.Dual SIM only.. Primary Usage: Camera, Music, Social Networking Mobiles In Consideration : HTC Desire 820, HTC Desire 826, Xperia M4 Aqua , Desire 820S.... She has been using S4 till now..I love S4's display and...
  14. bestpain

    summer course guide

    i have just given my 4th sem exam and having 2 months semester break , i am planning to do two courses ...plz advice which courses should i do.... available courses are ,.NET,PHP,SQL,VB,ORACAL,JAVA,web designing till now i have studied c,c++,database management in college which course...
  15. S

    Sound card help needed urgently plz

    hey guys i have recently bought f & d a 520 2.1 speakers for my pc and although the bass is good but i m finding the voice clarity is not upto do i need a sound card for these speakers or will onboard mobo sound drivers enough ?? my config is :- amd fx 8320 asus m5a97 r 2.0 mobo...
  16. A

    Need a configure of pc in 50k for DTP purpose

    One of my friend wants to build one pc for his graphic relatedwork (he is architecture and create drawings) on Photoshop, coral draw, he wanted to build one pc for the same plz let me know the bestconfiguration for the same. Plz add 5k more if really need to extend the budget. Note: -...
  17. bkpeerless

    At 20k is MI4 a decent buy.

    I was planning to buy MI4 but am disapointed with the price and it doestn even support external memory. Is it right to go for this device. Or should i go for honor 6. Plz dont ask me to go for oneplus since i didnt get a invite although waiting for 2 month.
  18. abhigeek

    Modem plus router

    I need a good two antennas modem plus router. plz suggest one. - - - Updated - - - TP-LINK TD-W8968 300 Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2 Modem RouterThis is good? Or which company product is better?
  19. T

    SMPS needed!!!

    pals, recently my smps is dying,,, (aint taking load, XFX 550) need a new SMPS,, for my sys,, which 1 should i go for....... options,,, Cooler Master 700 / COrsair v650 (any other plz recommend) which 1 should i go for... SYSTEM: X6 system. gigabyte system. 8gb ddr3 Nvidia 6...
  20. F

    Need new Monitor 16k budget

    Urgent:Need new Monitor 16k budget Hi, I am planning to buy a new monitor, I mostly play Dota 2 and COD for multiple hours(8-12 hrs a day on holidays :P). My Budget is 16k I was thinking of buying RL2455H. Should I get it or something else like an asus. Also plz provide link if its...
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