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GUYS I LOVE THIS GIRL but how should i propose her

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hi guys this is cyborg again

i finally fell in love (oh my god next month i am going to have my exams.) dont say its Infatuation i am 25

i only get out only for one look of her i get ready and roam for about half hour in such a hot weather for tuesday thursday because she comes around 3 pm or so

i wait wait and wait but when she comes i get crazy my memory gets flashed and iam not able to say anything to her except looking at her like a stupid i dont know her name and number but still ................... :??

confidence level = 0.0%

oh my god iam dead :(

can u guys help :?::)((


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first try to approach her and make friendship, love build up on patience and trust.

If u propose her now, 99% chances are that she will say "no". Take time to tell what you are and how much u care.

Remember if u can't do all the above things then its merely infatuation (a heart is never old for infatuation).

And keep in mind that end can be very unexpected. So don't think that you are the only lover. You can be lucky too :D
take it slowly. first a hi, wassup, then when you both start meeting each other often, you might get to know each other better. All this time, try not to goof up. Then find out if dhe is not already with someone else. IF she is, you atleast gained a friend, don't be disappointed. IF she is not, wait till the right moment and go for it.


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first make contact....
1.see if shes really the type u looking
2.see id shes got everything tht u want in a girl
3.decide if lover or marriage material
4.Important....see if shes interested in u...
5.More Important...check if its genuine..u check it using a lot of things..depends on girl...sometimes..u just know...

6.Check if shes in a mood fro reln..any complications like BF or family issues....
7.Atleast wait for 1 month..let ur friendship grow...if its BELIeVE ME..BOTH OF U WILL KNOW FROM START..i cant explain how....but dont u dare open ur mouth... :)

8.THEN SEE..if all u said in ur original post exist..see the feelings...is it just getting laid...or the real thing.....

p.s.check wat u like in her most..u will get it fast.... ;)

9.After that do whatever u want...

10. if she accepts..BINGO......if not DONT EVEN THINK ABT SULKING...next one will come a faaaaar better one...

and please dont rush it...UNLESS u are 100% DAMN SURE....ok

hope helped...
Be a man...Approach her...Tell her that u been seeing her from many days n wud like to know her...If she is interested then well n good...Else give her some time...
She will definitely think of u...Cheers!


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look I will guide you on this time to time . OK ...

first lets make some assumtions:and give me some feedbacks .

1).you have to get her . right ? life or death situation ?
so remember It is a matter of life and death, a road either
to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry
which can on no account be neglected.

2).for you this is an war right ? you have to win this . you have 1 life . so this is an WAR for you .
so remember any war ( mental/phyical anyyy )is governed by five constant
factors, to be taken into account in one's deliberations,
when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.

these are :
(1) The Moral Law; ( remember everything is OK in love & war )
(2) Heaven;
(3) Earth;
(4) The Commander; ( you )
(5) Method and discipline. ( this will become the most important factor )

I will continue more later . now busy .

first let me know you have the object itself ( the girl ) or you have the enemy ( another boy ) also . remember the strategy for winning is you have to be superior than you opponent in atleast 2-3 areas .
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As far as i ma dating experiences never go and propose on shot at the first site... u get a big" nO" or "excuse me"or "**** off" or "Buzz of "..Isliye pehle smile maar hasi tho fasi.. baad main jaake kuch compliement kar uske baare main .. kaunsa coll pura pucha .. Care to hav a cofeee wit me or Kuch conversation start kar.. agar cofeee ke le liye razi hui tho just be her best fren and help her n wateve way u can .. uska background pura jaanle kaise type ki ladki hai .. kitne bfs the ?? ya hai ???;) pura detail main jaan le ... on tehlong run eihter she ll propose ya u do ... accept karegi ...this is wat i feeel...:D


Cyborg Agent
Just go and talk.. if not get her id and chat online. Thats what we are good at. :D. Anyways try to talk..


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Oh my god thank you brothers for your support

but all of you say the same thing approach her that's impossible you guys know she lives in my colony agar gar mein bta dia to hum sikh logo mein bat bat par talwar gun nikal jati hai
it would be like ruining my family repu

and jaha tak dekne ka sawal ata hai sometime she does and sometimes she does not

iam always revolving around her house and her when she comer back from class

guys iam pissed off :?


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At this stage dont take anything to your heart...just collect info of her in a decent way...i mean dont go around asking about her to everyone...

Actually i wrote a big reply thru operamini , but unfortuantely my app crashed...sorry will do it in coming posts...


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if she is from ur colony get some friend to find some friend of her's and then hang out tell ur friend to tell her friend to call her get acquainted, colony hai kahin na kahin se dosty yaari nikal aayegi


damn busy...
Is it a tech forum guys ??? :shock: i think i am at a love forum ooops.

EDIT: ohh sorry :D:D its digit forum ,saw the url in the address bar :D
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just imagine that u never met her in ur life time & concentrate on ur studies.. not easy, though...
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Abhishek Dwivedi

wow...gr8 tips giga...vry hlpful..awsum as always... :D...

n guys....trust me...giga is vry right...love is cool but it sucks :))
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Yes. To quote again: there are only 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who are techie and those who have a lover. :)
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