1. Randy_Marsh

    CPU Cooler for a new build

    Hello Guys, I have recently built a new system which is having i5 6600 (not K) with the stock intel cooler for now. I am thinking to upgrade the cooler as summers is on the way now. I checked amazon.in and could shortlist two coolers 1. CM hyper 212 @ Rs. 2700 (4 cu pipe air cooler) 2...
  2. D

    Radeon R9 270X - 2GB or 4 GB ?

    Does it make huge difference of having 4 GB against 2 GB. 4 GB 2 GB Price diff is around 2000 but is it worth spending more ?
  3. sudhir_3193

    best 2.1 speaker under 4000rs

    kindly suggest a 2.1speaker for music and gaming under 4000rs. I have zeroed on altec lansing vs2621 or edifier c2. Is it worth spending 2000rs extra on edifier c2? Any other suggestions. any reply ....... any reply
  4. C

    Need a quality based 3d tv

    I am looking to buy a 3D TV but do not want to end up on spending on “Style over substance”. Any suggestions?
  5. bajaj151

    Graphics Card for 1920*1080

    Resolution : 1920*1080 Should RUN games (Full Settings) : COD, NFS , FIFA etc. Budget : 12K (Can extend, if worth spending more) Is 6850 or 6870 sufficient OR Should I wait for prices to fall ? ?
  6. C

    Need a New UPS

    need suggestions on buying a ups for powering my system for 5-10 mins before i shutdown at the time of powercut.budget is anywhere < 5k. no compromise on quality whatsoever.but i m skeptical on spending 5k urgent help needed.wanna buy asap
  7. S

    i want to buy a webpace and a domain , can anyone suggest me good hosting companies

    if anyone can , please suggest me nice, companies , and tell me your experience with them . i want to research before spending money on any one of them.
  8. Renny

    Mayawati spending crores over statues

    Mayawati spending crores over statues http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?sectionName=Cricket&id=96ec2d37-0e98-4dc3-aa06-f1ea31114e11&Headline=Maya+spending+crores+over+statues+shameful%3a+Chidambaram Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has described as shameful Uttar...
  9. Psychosocial

    Bhangarh... worth visiting ?

    Ok so me and my family are going to Rajasthan after a month so we need to plan the places to visit... we are planning to goto all the famous cities like Jaisalmair, etc and then this place came to my mind... is it worth visiting ? It's hyped as India's most haunted place but I know that's...
  10. maverick786us

    Need recommendation for a Hard Drive

    Despite having 640GB Hard Drive (WD6400AAKS) I am running short of space now (Its mostly filled with movies and music:)). I am looking for a new HDD. Definately I am looking for something between 750 GB - 1TB (The reason I am not going for another 640GB HDD is because its prices are almost the...
  11. G

    want to add to news flash

    hi frnds ,i want to add to news flash in my site can i do so without spending any money !!!!
  12. nitish_mythology

    T.V as monitor

    Hi Guys!! I would like to ask that can i use my samsung 21inch pure flat television as monitor?I wont mind spending money in this process. If it is possible then its really exciting. :D :D
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