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Government To Launch $35 Tablet On Oct 5


and for students they told it will be for something like 1250 or 50% of the normal cost, saw a flash news in NDTV ,,, mostly they will give it in some scheme, like TN govt has taken a scheme of providing free laptops to all 11,12 students..


I am scared to order this (if at all it is on order) as I might deprive someone who would genuinely benifit from this.


Always in Dreams...
They will manufacture more on tender basis by next year, about 10 lakh as I read. There will be more competitors for the manufacturing of Aakash, thus cost will also affect, and specs will get better...


hey be sure to post a review. i'm quite interested in the hd video processor.
and the internet through 3g/gsm USB dongle like tata photon etc
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