1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Best android launcher suitable for a 10' tablet?

    1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Android P, not rooted 2. What is your phone model? Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1, SM-T510 3. Are you looking for a) Free application b) Paid application c) Either d) Open source...
  2. astakhova

    Best New Mobiles and tablet

    *MOD Edit: Self promotion links to own channel are not allowed.*
  3. D

    Tablet suggestion - budget 10k

    Guys please suggest a good tablet upto 10k. I need it for watching movies so display quality should be good.
  4. kg11sgbg

    To convert a dual OS tablet into a single OS Android Tablet only

    My Datamini TWG10 dual OS tablet has Windows10 and Android 5.1 (lolipop) installed. I want to use the tablet's full space of 32GB as Android5.1 tablet only. How do I erase the Windows partition and others,BUT KEEPING THE ANDROID partition intact and amalgamate the free space? This is a UEFI BIOS...
  5. A

    Tablet for travel around 20k.

    1. Budget? 20k 2. Display type and size? IPS/Retina Display, size>7" 3. Dual sim? 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? No constraint. 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). Android, iOS 7. Preferred...
  6. Zangetsu

    Batman: A Telltale Series

    Batman: The Telltale Series will be available on just about every platform including mobile (Android and iOS), PC, tablet and console (Xbox 360 and PS3 included). Za8G70bbKRY Source : Batman: A Telltale Series promises to be a Batman game unlike any you've played before &ndash; Tech
  7. F

    Weird color issue on Surface RT

    I have a Microsoft Surface RT, suddenly the screen is showing weird colors(see image). I took a screenshot and checked on my laptop. It looks fine. What could be the issue ? I doubt its a hardware issue. Snap of the issue Screenshot
  8. D@rekills4

    Tablet for the simple purpose of typing and storing

    Hey guys, I don't really have a lot of time to do research on what I should buy. Maybe you guys already know. Just looking for a really cheap tablet that in which my grandfather can type and store stuff. That's it, not other use, no games, no intensive apps. Technically all I need is...
  9. T

    Tablet to watch movies

    Want to buy a tablet to watch movies / tv series on. Should have a good display, prefer Android. Price <25k. Can buy from the US. How's the Nvidia Shield Tab / Nexus 9?
  10. KRISHI101

    Tablet vs Amazon Kindle ??????

    I cant understand that why people buy Black/White kindle ? in the same price one can buy colorful tablet and buy using PDF reader we can also read ebooks. and can do many more things, ( Games, movies) than why to purchase kindle? And one more thing i want to buy a good Android Mobile phone...
  11. V

    Graphics Tablet for online tutoring.

    Hello Friends, I am in need of a graphics tablet for online tutoring. - Max budget 5000. - Should be sturdy and long lasting I have explored the following option: ONE BY WACOM SMALL CTL471/KO-C ONE BY WACOM SMALL CTL471/KO-C: Buy Online at Best Price in India - Snapdeal Any...
  12. ShankJ

    Tablet ~15K

    My friend has been wanting to buy a Tablet under 15K and has not been able to come up with a decent choice so it would be great if you could drop in a few advices.. Requirement - Day to day work Screen - 10' - 10.5' Specifications - None as such but a decent processor is a must. Price -...
  13. angie

    Recomment an android tablet with 3G under 15k

    Buying it for my parents who mostly play games on the tablet and are not very tech savvy. They will also be able to use skype so 2 MP front facing cam is preferrable. So please suggest a tablet with following specs: 3G sim slot with calling service pref. 2 MP front facing cam (rear cam not...
  14. W

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B versus basic Tablet for BitTorrent downloading

    Hello everyone, I usually do all my downloading on my desktop which is thus on 24 hrs 7 days of the week. My electricity bill is showing crazy figures. I am thinking of shifting my downloading to a Raspberry Pi set up. I need your help with a few things that I want to know. So, to set up a...
  15. H

    Best big screen tablets under Rs.8k

    Hi, I want to buy a tablet under Rs.8k. Tablet will be used for browsing and playing Clash Of Clans. I want good battery backup and around 8inch screen size with 720p resolution. Tablet should smooth while palying Clash of Clans. I thinl 1GB will suffice. Thanks for your help
  16. N

    pls suggest good tablet as per my spec

    thanks all, please suggest good trouble free tablet with following specs: 1. Budget – 19K 2. Display type and size – Full HD, 8” 3. Dual sim – if possible 4. Preferred choice of brand – no preference, but would like ALL GOOD BRANDS options 5. What camera option you want (flash, front...
  17. BakBob

    Need a tablet

    Need a tablet, nothing too expensive or too fancy. Preferably with a stylus. I will be using this mainly for reading books, scribbling stuff. Preferred screen size - 7" to 9". Thanks in advance!
  18. D

    Tablet for movies/light games/reading <10K

    Hi All! 1. Budget? <10k (strict budget, can only extend by 2K if that makes it "perfect") 2. Display type and size? Type Best suited for movies/videos/light reading FULL HD would be best fit. HD with "good" screen - would be okay (i.e. nice PPI, bright screen, good viewing angles) Size 8" -...
  19. Kev.Ved

    Wi-Fi Only Tab

    Please suggest a budget (6k) wi-fi only tablet. Purchase is intended for parent. Usage is only limited to accessing the web. Thanks in advance!
  20. B

    [For Sale] Original Display + Digitizer + Front Housing for HCL Tablet ME U1

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Original Display + Digitizer + Front Housing for HCL Tablet ME U1 Expected Price: Rs 699/- Source and Time of Purchase: Somewhere around year 2013 Reason for Sale: Tablet`s motherboard gone kaput thus selling spare parts...
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