1. paroh

    Are you a criminal now? Users may get 3-yr in jail for viewing torrent site, blocked URL in India

    [/source][/source] Call it the new Digital India. The Indian government, with the help of internet service providers, and presumably under...
  2. Desmond

    Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch

    Facing losses, Freedom 251 maker seeks Rs 50,000 Cr from Indian Govt days before launch As consumers wait to see the cheapest smartphone at its scheduled launch in the capital on Thursday, its Noida-based makers have made another pitch for the government's support to make their loss-making...
  3. A

    [Query] E-Waste management/sell electronic products

    I want to sell.. Old PC, old mobiles and other electronics. I found some sites on Times Of India news paper RECYCLE & REUSE sites are... 1. 2. 3. E-Parisaraa , Electronic waste recycler in india (government authorized) 4. Attero is an integrated end...
  4. G


    ????????????????????! An Eye opener B. Jeyamohan is one of the most influential contemporary, Tamil and Malayalam writer and literary critic from Nagercoil. This is the translation of his article: "Intolerance"
  5. Desmond

    Overtake an ambulance and lose your driving licence

    A move in the right direction. I hope this picks up every where else too. Source: Overtake an ambulance and lose your driving licence
  6. Cyberghost

    Kerala rolls out roadmap for IPv6 deployment

    Kerala government has rolled out a roadmap to implement Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) across the state. Kerala state IT Mission, nodal Agency for Department of IT, has floated tenders for the implementation of IPv6, to migrate the functioning of Internet, which now runs on IPv4...
  7. Shah

    Jayalalithaa announces IPTV for all households, Amma Internet on the way?

    Jayalalithaa announces IPTV for all households, special wheelchairs - The Hindu So, the government of TN promises High Speed Internet for affordable prices. Neither speed nor the price was mentioned anywhere though. I am not...
  8. Zangetsu

    [Economy] : Zimbabwe's new exchange rate: $1 for 35,000,000,000,000,000 local dollars

    Zimbabweans will start exchanging 'quadrillions' of local dollars for a few US dollars next week, as President Robert Mugabe's government discards its virtually worthless national currency At the height of Zimbabwe's economic crisis in 2008, Zimbabweans had to carry plastic bags bulging with...
  9. rhitwick

    I think you should watch this episode of "Last week tonight"

    Hi guys, they make some really informative episodes...this one I think applies to countries other than US too. Please check out. Its on government surveillance. They managed to get an interview with Snowden too.
  10. abhigeek

    BJP leader wants Gmail, Yahoo to be declared as 'untrustworthy' for citizens

    Source Tarun Vijay, Seriously?
  11. Anorion

    Indian Govt to start cleaning offices with fragrant Cow Urine

    New Delhi: Phenyl, usually the white variety, is the cheap cleaning liquid of choice for floors across India. Anyone venturing into the shopping aisles at the Kendriya Bhandar cooperative's stores in the Capital can testify to this. Kendriya Bhandar also supplies housekeeping products to central...
  12. Nanducob

    Pornographic websites to be blocked in India

    Source: Porn websites to be blocked in India: Government | Deccan Chronicle I was wondering where the culture and values have been for this long Does that mean we were using cultureless internet since 95 ?
  13. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Public Wi-Fi in urban areas part of DoT action plan for Modi government

    The Department of Telecom has included providing Wi-Fi services in urban areas in the action plan being prepared for the next government headed by Narendra Modi. The DoT has mentioned "Wi-Fi facilities in public places in urban areas and commercial centres" in its agenda for new regime and said...
  14. Desmond

    Kejriwal Government in Delhi for Free Software; Meets Richard Stallman

    Source : Kejriwal Government in Delhi for Free Software; Meets Richard Stallman
  15. funskar

    It's OK if minorities don't repay loans, Karnataka Congress

    In the race to appease the minorities in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections next year, KPCC president G Parameshwara on Saturday suggested it's all right for them to cheat by not repaying loans taken from government agencies. At a Congress workshop for here on schemes for minorities...
  16. theserpent

    US government shutdown

    U.S. government shutdown: What to expect if it happens - World - CBC News World economy is screwed
  17. Desmond

    Indian government to ban US based email services for official communications.

    Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication Source : Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication - The Times of India Makes sense?
  18. root.king

    Bad Time to WikiLeaks

    The Justice Ministry is remaining tight- lipped about whether it knew that FBI agents had travelled to Denmark to meet with an Icelandic informant working for the whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks. According to Wired magazine, WikiLeaks volunteer Sigurdur Thordarson, 20, said he met...
  19. H

    Android May Get Banned In India Says Government

    Android May Get Banned In India Says Government Dear Mr. Sibal, Regards dead5
  20. B

    A question regarding TOR browser

    Hi Guys In my country if a person posts anything against the government, then he or she is arrested. Even if you post say troll pics related to our corrupted government say on websites like FB, Twitter. This is the reason my government has blocked dozens of imagehosting websites. Now my...
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