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  1. quicky008

    Very slow transfer speeds while using pci based USB expansion card

    I had an old 4 port pci Usb expansion card lying around that i recently installed on one of my computers in order to supplement the quantity of available usb ports in it.The box in which the card was contained states that it supports USB 2.0.Despite being rather old,the card was detected in...
  2. ax3

    zippyshare getting slower !!!

    hi, any1 downloading/using zippyshare servers ??? am experiencing a major slow speeds while downloading ... thanx
  3. patkim

    Is my router affecting internet download speeds?

    I have 512 kbps internet PPPoE connection and I have DIR 615 router that I have been happily using for past 4 years. Last few days I have a strange observation, with router connected (wired or WiFi) I get very poor download speeds hardly 200kbps whereas upload speeds are ok at 450 kbps. When I...
  4. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest internet speeds in Asia

    This was expected No surprises there: India internet speeds the lowest in Asia – Tech FU Failtel and other ISPs with retarded FUP limits and post-FUP speeds. :mad:
  5. amjath

    Snapdragon 820 launched!!!

    Qualcomm officially unveils the Snapdragon 820 - - - Updated - - - https://twitter.com/Qualcomm/status/664136814656135168
  6. Chetan1991

    Need a powered usb hub for around 1k

    Need a powered small USB hub for 1k or less. It would be great if it supports USB 3. I once found one from Circle going for 1k but a review said speeds don't exceed 55 MBps so not sure how good it is.
  7. blackpearl

    Sometimes my ISP goes insane...

    ... and gives me speeds such as this This happens every now and then. A 700MB movie downloads in about 4 minutes. :) I should actually be getting speeds of 1Mbps, which I do most of the time. But then it goes crazy for a few hours.
  8. T

    War Of SSD's

    Lets us have a war of SSD. I want to include all the SSD in this forum. It can be of any company but the best that you know.I know some of them like: Kingston Technology (HyperX Savage SSD) A premium brand with premium quality devices with good speed as well as durability. HyperX Savage...
  9. B

    PM Modi wants to know the reason behind slow Internet speed in India

    Late last year, a report highlighted how the PMO needs to have better Internet connectivity and not an average of 34Mbps. Now, talking about the overall Internet speed in India, PM Modi himself has stepped in to know the reason for the slow speed, according to a report by The Hindustan Times...
  10. Nanducob

    Good Usb Dongle plan

    Hi , So im away from home,missing my bb.please suggest a good plan dongle/3g :noob: around rs 750 (upto1k)I looked at reliance netconnect but speeds are like 18 KBPS after fup :( Something around 32 KBPS after fup will do the trick.Thanks
  11. T

    WiFi not working

    It was not working few months ago too then I did cloning as suggested by whitestar_999.... but now it is again causing problems, I am getting speeds of 78-80 kbps instead of 2048 kbps when connected to wi-fi while connecting directly to desktop, speed is normal.
  12. funskar

    DoT to submit final report on slow broadband speeds to PMO next week

    DoT to submit final report on slow broadband speeds to PMO next week The Department of Telecom (DoT) is slated to finalise by next week a report on the issues pertaining to the slow broadband speeds in the country. DoT had made a presentation on the telecom sector to Prime...
  13. bssunilreddy

    Beam capping both DL & UL speeds now!

    Hai, Beam is taking into account both DL & UL speeds now. I am now restricting my UL speed by using Deluge Torrent Client.Last month only I have noticed this.... Damn Beam! I hope Pioneer Elabs to cover the whole of Hyderabad as soon as possible because they are capping both DL & UL speeds...
  14. ithehappy

    Are my hard drive speeds okay?

    I have two internal drives in my rig. A Seagate and a Caviar Black. Could someone tell me if the speeds are okay? Especially the Seagate? A: Seagate ST3500418AS B: WD Black: Hmm, as per further noticing I am seeing that the Black is averaging lower than the Seagate! Why the hell is...
  15. S

    Post your internet speeds!

    Hey all! After reading this depressing article ; http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/technology-news/181064-1-4mbps-india-has-slowest-average-internet-speed-asia-pacific-akamai.html , i decided to check the average of internet speeds for TDF users. So please post / poll your speeds. Shiva
  16. Ironman

    Internet download speed hits 1,83,501Mbps in test

    And I am still using BSNL 750 ULD 512 kbps :cry: Source:Internet download speed hits 1,83,501Mbps in test - The Times of India
  17. vipul619

    [MTNL] Weird wi-fi issue!

    [Solved] [MTNL] Weird wi-fi issue! I think this is the most suitable sub-forum for this problem. I have a 1Mbps MTNL broadband connection with a Modem+Router. The modem is a Binatone DM 856W (provided by MTNL), no firmware upgrades available! Now I get download speeds upto 120-130KBps on...
  18. sam_738844

    GPU stuck in lower clock speeds

    hi, as everyone knows, i own a clevo custom laptop with 780M GPU on it, right now i have returned to india for 15 days, and carried the notebook with me, i am facing a very weird problem with it , when i fired it up here, first i faced lag in games, then i noticed with gpuz that the...
  19. gohan89

    What is the best network in Kolkata and preferably 3g?

    I have Xperia SP and with it BSNL 3g.The BSNL 3g is patheitic,very bad coverage and internet speeds are too too slow..cant even open a page.I switch to GSM from WCDMA...it works but at 2g speed of 4-10 kbps... I want to know which mobile network has the best network coverage in Kolkata...
  20. ratul

    Best ISP in Magarpatta City, PUNE

    I recently shifted to Pune in Magarpatta City, and the guys here are using hathway currently, good download speeds, upto 1MBps, but crappy upload speeds, 0.6mbps, and there are frequent connection drops too, speed ain't that constant too.. So we are looking for the best and most reliable ISP...
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