1. B

    Download speed fluctuations

    Hi Friends, My cousin got a new SHITtel connection. His plan's bandwidth is 8mbps. But the download speed that he's getting is fluctuating. He should get 1mbps download speed (I know it won't be constant but we were expecting something near to it) as per his plan but he's getting anything...
  2. B

    Drivers needed

    Hello Friends, My friend just formatted his laptop and installed Win 7 Ultimate. He does not have any driver cd so screen resolution is weird, wifi doesn't work etc. Is there any way/software that can automatically download and install the needed drivers? Don't have time to download...
  3. axes2t2

    Paid apps question.

    I bought an app from the playstore but for some reason I need to format my phone. Is the 'unlocker key' available for download straightaway on the account or do I need to buy it again.
  4. K

    BSNL Broadband never ever ban VPN's?

    I connect VPN right after windows start-up. & I download tons of data(sites which are blocked by BSNL). so there is no use of block, then why BSNL leaving VPN unblock & allowing users like me to download data from blocked sites?.
  5. Randy_Marsh

    Download on PC, play on Xbox One?

    Hi Guys, I have an interesting question to ask.. I game on Xbox one at my home, but my broadband connection sucks. Its speed is very slow (4Mbps) for downloading gigantic games (like Halo 5 - 91GB) which take days-weeks, also the console has to be kept on 24x7. So, is there a **legal**...
  6. B

    [APP][4.1+] ExtraTorrent - Download torrent 2 times faster - Help us to Test

    ExtraTorrentz allows you to find your torrent files on your Android device faster & easier than ever before! Google play store link : Extra Torrent – Android Apps on Google Pla · Light weight & simple UI · Upload and seed your torrents directly from your mobile device · No upload or...
  7. J

    Directx 11 Download Req to install PC games

    I need directx 11 download link for my PC games, yesterday i tried to install game on PC it says DirectX 11 required. Where do I get this is this free or paid to install this application.
  8. S

    unknown network usage

    I have been troubled with heavy network usage for past few days where the tast manager shows download managers using 5mbps speed wheras downloads getting only about half and even after pausing downloads the usage is max out causing networks slow down. Only disabling and enabling network adapter...
  9. J

    What is the best free alternative to IDM for downloading YouTube Videos

    I want to download videos from YouTube but i just know about the Internet download manager, I use this as 30 days trial but it ask key after that. I have no money to buy it, could you please suggest me the download manager which allow me to download all YouTube videos form internet but it must...
  10. patkim

    Does IDM auto resume broken download?

    I have tried Internet Download Manager (IDM)app. It’s good and stable but I notice that it does not auto resume broken downloads in case it happens mostly when the internet connectivity is lost for some time just in case. In such a case I have to manually resume the download. Is this expected...
  11. D

    Best free download manager

    Guys please suggest a free download manager. I found a list here 10 Best Download Managers For Windows in 201 which one do you guys suggest?
  12. patkim

    Is my router affecting internet download speeds?

    I have 512 kbps internet PPPoE connection and I have DIR 615 router that I have been happily using for past 4 years. Last few days I have a strange observation, with router connected (wired or WiFi) I get very poor download speeds hardly 200kbps whereas upload speeds are ok at 450 kbps. When I...
  13. ithehappy

    I can't download the torrents I used to download

    Since moving to a cable based broadband I can't download the same torrents I used to with BSNL without any problems. I can't mention which those are but whatever. For some torrents the download won't even start, for some it does, but the speed is less of a quarter of my bandwith! I have tried...
  14. P

    Any canvas labtab 1 and/or 2 user ??

    I have question, that - can I install desktop software(like download maneger)on sd card not windows apps ? thanks
  15. sumit05

    In ORIGIN EAsports is offering full version download of NFS Most wanted

    Check it here On the House - Download Free PC Games | Origin Games
  16. stellar

    Download apps

    what is the best free youtube download apps in google apps store.
  17. S

    BSNL BB went slow suddenly.. Help needed

    I ma using BSNL BB 1450 Plan for last 2 months. Using TP Link W8968 I was getting good , stable speed. always above 100 KBps. Download speed was 100-120 KBps For last two days download speed and browsing speed went super slow... I am getting 25 KBps and slower . Sometime no activity. Tried with...
  18. E

    Downloader manager for MAC El

    Hey guys I recently switched from windows to mac and like all i am also missing our beloved IDM.So i want something like it for mac.I want a download manager that starts downloading the moment i press download button.I mean like no manual adding of link,right click and download with whatever.I...
  19. rohitshakti2

    Monitoring PC bandwidth & speed

    Hi I am using Win 8.1 and am using MTNL BB, Delhi. Sometimes when i download videos, I get speed upto 125 kb/ps but when sometimes nothing in download is working but the sites open very slowly. So how or what application can show me what is eating my bandwidth? regard
  20. A

    I am having problems with Nokia Lumia 730

    I have bought a new nokia lumia 730 yesterday and now i am having problems with it. 1. Network Problem - It forces the network from 3G to 2G automatically.There is no only 3G mode.I am unable to use internet on 3G on this phone by my sim, while on the other device in the same time i can use...
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