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  1. dashang

    Visual Studio 2013 Error in Adding Service Reference

    Hello, i created one project in visual studio 2013 and i had a .wsdl file , i added Service Reference using .wsdl file, after adding it generated binding tags and client tags automatically . But when i updated my service reference the tags became empty . I had copy of previous project too ...
  2. S

    [Complaint] Poor Service From MI

    Received an empty box from MI.
  3. R

    ms office after installing says empty!

    yes, the title says it all. I downloaded ms office 2010 *cough* full activated version from a reliable software sharing software of my college.But after installing, when i go to ms office from start>all programs , it says the folder is empty..i tried downloading 3-4 different versions of ms...
  4. KRISHI101

    why the folder containing 1.42gb file shows EMPTY..?

    i have downloaded a movie file which is MP4.. after download finishes i checked the file but its not playable in any player.. nothing is happen while double click.. clicking right click no option have found like Properties, cut, copy, paste.. and the most strange thing folder...
  5. J

    Right click problem

    Hi, I have Windows-7. I removed 3 viruses picked up by EMSISOFT. After that I am getting strange problem. When ever I RIGHT CLICK mouse, nothing is seen (except yellow empty window). But when I move cursor down along empty window, commands appear, but only temporarily. I fear I have...
  6. rhitwick

    PureTna and Emporium has been shut down permanently

    Well, u read it. For more, try this link
  7. L

    Buy back empty cartridges?

    May I get any rebate of empty cartridges while buying the new cartridges?
  8. Y

    unable to empty Recycle Bin!!!

    I an unable to empty my recycle bin. although i right click and click on Empty recycle bin ,it doesn't get emptied. also used ccleaner but same problem. what may be the solution guys??? Also every time i start pc ,a desktop.ini opens up. how to get rid of this?
  9. R

    copying Hard Drive To DVDs? Plz Help

    I want to Copy my Hard Drive to optical media (such as DVDs). I want to copy every bit of information (even EMPTY clusters & sectors). I have deleted some files from the hard drive and am planning to recover them later. Can I COPY Hard Drive to DVDs (including empty clusters & sectors). Which...
  10. Sathish

    How to empy my Yahoo Mail inbox

    pl help me to empty my yahoo mail inbox. it has 40000+ mails..
  11. gary4gar

    Getting Incredible Speeds with BSNL Broadband

    Hey, These days speeds i am getting are totally hard to believe. Suddenly, I am Synced with exchange at whopping 6mbps instead of regular 2mbps:p Though download speeds are around 4mbps but still its a very big surprise for me atleast. All my torrents have have completed in just one day...
  12. life31

    Help! Help!! Suddenly some new folders appeared in my G drive. Help!! What are they!!

    Hey just now I happened to check my G drive and suddenly I noticed some two folders named ff0f0a219308ae522998da6110d119af & MyWorks to be there. I never added any items to it nor I installed any software having path G drive. Then how did they appear. Let me tell you that my system has 5...
  13. chicha

    "WINDOWS" folder in the bin!!

    this might seem like a stupid question i have this one folder in the recycle bin called "WINDOWS", which strangly can not be seen even as i set my folder option to show all system and hidden files. but when i try to empty the bin it asks me if i really want to delete "WINDOWS" folder...
  14. A

    My HDD crashed!!

    I have a problem with my PC. I wanted to repartition one of my drives(it was empty then) and so used PAragon Partition manager for the same. But during the process, a power shutdown occurred. After that the partition I worked on and 2 other partitions next to it got corrupted. The other...
  15. V

    Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit For IE

    Hi Friends, Whenever u have a shared pc u always want the other person to not view what u have done.So,By following this tutorial u have a setting that whether Internet Explorer should delete all of the temporary Internet files stored during the surfing when the browser is closed. Now...
  16. codename_romeo

    HDD files not visible

    Today i went to my friend's place with my samsung 40gb ide hdd. I transfered about 30 gb of data onto my hdd and transferred 10gb to his hdd. But now that i attached the hdd back to my pc, it does not show the files i received but the disk is not empty( it has 30 gb of occupied space). But i...
  17. emailaatif786

    Empty DVD!

    I successfully burn any DVD in my System using Nero. It also successfully runs on my system, but when I run it on any other system, it shows no files inside it, just as it is empty DVD. What can be the problem? My System Configuration: Intel 865GBFHT Intel P4 2.8HT Dynet 1024Mb...
  18. blackpearl

    Remove empty folders

    Often uninstalling a program leaves empty folders in your drive that the uninstaller fails to remove. Over time these accumulate in your hard drive and clutters your drive. Even junk file cleaners like CCleaner doesn't remove these. The following two applications enable you to scan a drive or a...
  19. L

    How To Empty Dustbin?

    How To Empty Dustbin? I am having problem with emptying the dustbin in desktop though the files in the bin is gone but the icon shows it is full. I do not know whats wrong with this. Please suggest me regarding this matter. Lekha http://www.Guru8.com Thanks
  20. 047

    Empty Recent Documents

    HI, can nebody tell me how to display " Empty Recent Documents" option in the context menu on right cliking the "recent documnts" option in "start menu". As like in vista this option comes by default. so can ne1 help me???? i think there must b sum haking to do this.
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