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FOlders in MOVIE dvds

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Hey I have got some VOB files and want to create a movie dvd.. What is the name of the folder in DVDs containing the VOB files.. Like MPEGAV for movie VCDs.


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subbzzz said:
In a folder called VIDEO_TS

I don't think it will work on a DVD player if you directly do it like that? (I may be wrong) :confused:
you are not wrong.Even nero will show you this.You gotta make a video dvd.


The name of the folder is Video_TS but apart from the VOB files you need to have .IFO and . BUP files. The IFO file contains information about the file sequence and BUP is backup for IFO file. Check whether the movie that you have with you has these files if not use ifoedit to create these BUP and IFO files. Any issues let me know!
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