1. B

    Tally's Data folder not opening

    Hi Friends, I have to complete a project. It requires me to analyze some data from Tally. I have Tally 9.0. When I select the destination folder, Tally doesn't show the companies. The timeframe that I have to complete the project is very little. Kindly help...
  2. R

    Problem of not showing files on PC.

    I own a Lenovo Vibe P1 phone and when I connect my phone to my laptop,it does not shows obb folder in the Android folder but when I see it in my phone I can see that. Same is with the Video folder and the DCIM folder. I can see all my photos in the phone but when searched in computer ,it only...
  3. K

    Faster shut down

    Hi Guys, • I have Windows7 laptop. I want a way to shut it down faster by closing all the opened softwares, apps and files. What is the best free and reliable software or app for the purpose? • I see that the folder name font color of C:\Windows\System32\ DRVSTORE has been changed to blue...
  4. G

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?

    I cannot able to create file or folder with name "2" in windows 7 why?
  5. K

    Folder lock

    Hi Guys, I have a BUFFALO EXTERNAL HARDISK. I want to make a FOLDER on the hardisk and lock and unlock the folder using WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE. How to do it?
  6. J

    Missing of Tally9 data file

    Hi Friends, I have faced a typical problem while working with Tally9. I am running Win 7-Ult(64-bit) Desktop & installed Tally 9(32-bit), which naturally found its place in Program Files(x86)\Tally. Here I have created a co. & started entering data. After some work, I wanted...
  7. J

    Advice sought for deleted folders

    Dear friends, I am from Kolkata. I had two parallel 4 TB external HDDs mounted on a laptop. One fine morning while I booted the machine up windows 8.1 showed a blue screen but recovered on it's own. After that incident in both the EHDDs few very important subfolders went missing from one...
  8. T

    Importing/Adding Folders to iPhone using iTunes

    How do I add Folders to iBooks library of iPhone in the latest iTunes? I am trying by going to File-->>Add Folder to Library in iTunes as well as iPhone library in iTunes but it does nothing after I select folder. I am really fed up with this... The folder contains word docs, pdf files.
  9. beingGamer

    Move games to other folder - Steam

    Hi, i recently bought GTA V on steam. and installed it in 'f:\steam\Grand Theft Auto V\' I didnt know that steam creates separate folders for games in steamapps\common so the problem is, when I install any new game, its installing in in below path J:\Steam\Grand Theft Auto 5\steamapps\common...
  10. Prongs298

    LUMIA 1320 review

    probably too late as now newer phones are available, but still, i wanted to do this review after using the phone for sometime. model lumia 1320 OS Microsoft Windows Phone 8, upgradeable to v8.1 Chipset Qualcomm MSM8230AB Snapdragon 400 (3G model)/ MSM8930AB...
  11. bajaj151

    How to Recover whatsapp chat from SAVED database

    I took a backup of whatsapp/database folder. How to restore messages using backup? My saved database files are like: msgstore.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-03.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-04.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-05.1.db.crypt8 1) Keep t in internal storage under whatsapp /databases...
  12. J

    how to recover locked folder.

    i locked a folder with folder lock professional mrt .. and i forgot the password... i really need those files lzz hel
  13. TechnoBOY

    Places that viruses and Trojans hide on start up

    1. START-UP FOLDER. Windows opens every item in the Start Menu's Start Up folder. This folder is prominent in the Programs folder of the Start Menu. Notice that I did not say that Windows "runs" every program that is represented in the Start Up folder. I said it "opens every item." There's an...
  14. G

    SysWOW64 folder pops up

    hi digit, my uncle has an hp laptop just a month old. A window with the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 pops up often and while he is working in some apps e.g. in firefox the taskbar doesn't auto hide. Why is this happening? How to disable it?
  15. R

    How to export separate audio tracks MXF to ProRes MOV

    As we know, Canon every clips is in a separate folder, which brings inconvenience to import MXF to conversion tool. How to one-time convert MXF clips from separate folder ProRes for FCP? And how to export separate audio tracks MXF to ProRes MOV preserved. This article won't disappoint you...
  16. gameranand

    Folder taking too much time to Open

    Guys I am facing a weird problem with a particular folder. I have a Folder named Softwares and it takes too much time to open at the first time I start the PC. It takes like 2-5 minutes to open it. Once it opens then it will open again in the same sessions in matter of seconds but for the first...
  17. mikael_schiffer

    Question about GL 2 SD on rooted phone

    After rooting and all on my Xperia M (took 1 minute only) i installed GL 2 SD. I started moving all my game files (.obb) to SD card. Now i didnt mention where to transfer, the app just kept doing it on its own. Now funny thing, My internal memory shows 480MB free of 2 GB But the android/obb...
  18. C

    How to share folder between guest & Host OS IN VMWare?

    In order to to find out whether Windows 7 SP1 X64 drivers & Some CG Software works in Win 8.1 X64, i wanted to know how to share folder in between guest & host OS in VMWare Workstation I have Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 as main OS & i installed Windows 8.1 Pro X64 In VMware but i don't know how...
  19. Zangetsu

    [Trick] Convert folders to system executables

    Hi folks, This very old small trick we used in XP OS to convert any Folder into a Recycle Bin or My Computer,etc Step: 1. Right click the folder u want to convert lets say folder name is "My Data" 2. Select Rename and rename it to "My Data.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" without...
  20. S

    Help Please !!!

    i am having a weird problem. Yesterday i put my friends memory stick in my galaxy s2 and tried to transfer few song from my internal memory to her sd card which i fail to do anyway as i was in hurry. Now i can see the all the photos on gallery and or hear mp3 files like normal but when i connect...
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