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  1. R

    Nero,a big problem!!

    I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition installed.Whenever i try to play a dvd folder by using the Nero ShowTime's menu,it doesn't play the audio and the audio mode is empty.But playing a single VOB file from the same folder has no problems....please help me..:???:
  2. __Virus__


    I am almost afraid to ask this question. There are so many guides available, but I wish to begin from scratch. Searching on this forum returned quiet satisfactory results but din't help much. I've many VOB files (series of movies precisely) and would like to reburn them, but this time...
  3. A

    Vob to Vob cut how to do it any idea

    How to cut vob files directly Vob to Vob cut any software there i tried many softwares but all software who tell vob to vob dont do it they do vob to mpeg , or vob to avi . i want to cut directly from vob to vob without reencoding like how we can do mpeg to mpeg or avi to avi without...
  4. Ponmayilal

    DVD2DivX - the easy way guide/tutorial

    Making a DivX CD of a Movie/Music DVD – the easy way: This tutorial gives a step by step procedure for making a DivX CD of a Movie/Music DVD you own and for your personal use. Software required: 1. Stand-alone DivX Codec.If you do not have one, download and install the latest Divx for...
  5. sridatta

    Explorer restarting in VISTA.. Please HELPPP

    Hi all... I have got a problem in vista Home Premium recently.. My Explorer keeps restarting when i open Firefox or when i right click on the VOB file.. These are just the symptoms... and i donno what exactly happened... Anyone please help..
  6. V

    how to convert VOB file formate to 3GP file.

    how to convert VOB file to 3GB file in 3GP converter ,i tried but it showing error msg......wat to do pls help me ..................................
  7. JohnephSi

    VoB player

    Is thereany player which can play vob files on the taskbar other than wmp 11 .
  8. JohnephSi

    You tube upload

    Wht is the minimum resolution of a vido reqd to b uploaded in youtube ?Wht r the files supported.Is vob supported. .
  9. JohnephSi

    Xilisoft 3Gpp converter

    Plz tel me the exact setting to convert vob into 3gpp to suit my nokia 5200.Plz help me.
  10. ajayritik

    How can I split/join a VOB file?

    Which software can we use to split a vob file and also to join vob file? I have a movie with me which is in VOB format i.e. dumped from DVD. I want to edit the movie in such a way to remove certain scenes and then join the file again. What would be the best software to do this?
  11. S

    FOlders in MOVIE dvds

    Hey I have got some VOB files and want to create a movie dvd.. What is the name of the folder in DVDs containing the VOB files.. Like MPEGAV for movie VCDs.
  12. A

    Difference in quality between Vob Xvid and Divx

    So Much Difference in quality between Vob - Xvid/Divx I have converted many times Vob to Xvid and divx and Mpeg - 4 also , but see the quality of the video. there is lot of differnce. DO see i use to convert VCD video to xvid/divx there is no problem in there quality but Vob to...
  13. J

    VOB to avi

    hey guys how can i convert vob file to avi. i have extracted tht file from a dvd.i know i can play using codecs but i want to convert it to avi !!
  14. V

    DVD Problem

    I want to cut some scenes from a DVD movie (VOB file)..How can i do this ?? Please help
  15. C

    How I can Merge VOB files in one CD

    Dear friends I recorded some event from my DV cam and directly and copied on my hard drive from cd it has VOB extension I want to merge it and want to make it visiable from DVD player how can I merge all in one CD and make it visiable from DVD player . Thanks in Advance... Torilahuray:confused:
  16. T

    MPEG Vs VOB (Need Help)

    Hi, I m having DVD camcoder. Where lots of MPEG files recorded on every start/stop button. Now, after finalising the DVD from Camcorder's menu. The disc is ready to play in DVD player. And by Sony's Picture Motion Browser s/w, I can import Clips (MPEG) from the DVD. And after Exporing the DVD, I...
  17. R

    VOB file to avi converter

    I got a dvd and copied it into my hard drive only the large vob files. now i want to convert them into small avi files. which software does it. please give the link. It must be a full version software
  18. tintin100

    DVD audio stream lag

    It is an repost, because the previous post had no reply. :( I have an vob file (also have the mpeg file), which playes the audio stream 4-5 seconds later. I want to correct the time lag and rebuild the file, and then burn to dvd again. The error happened, when my friend burned some vob files...
  19. A

    Dvd Cutter

    Please suggest me a software that can cut and join VOB files or say a DVD cutter, freeware - preferable.
  20. pirates1323

    Replacing Audio from VOB file ?

    I have downloaded a video which is in VOB format .. I just have the VOB file and it can be played n burned with Nero.... Now I wnt to remove the audio or say replace the audio from it and add a new audio in it ....can I delete existing audio in my VOB file and add different audio in it.... I...
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