1. B

    Recovery dvd queries

    Hi Guys, We were making recovery discs from the recovery disk of a hp laptop. After 2 discs were burned the electricity went off so we had to cancel the process because the charging was low. So after advices from the members of this forum we were finally able to get recovery dvd's from hp. 4...
  2. S

    Flipkart etc. - Suggest me a very good external dvd writer

    Are all reviews and ratings on flipkart real and posted by consumers only and I can buy computer components and other items from flipkart based on them ? I also need to buy a very good external dvd writer, from online (flipkart etc.) capable of writing dual layer dvds. Suggest me so and...
  3. sujoyp

    Need Suggestions- how to copy data from 500 DVD's

    Hi Guys, As all of u guys I was a very enthusiastic downloader till 2-3 years back and used to download each and every movie came up...those days I used to write them in DVD's to keep them safe. Now days I move away for projects and want to keep the movies/documentaries with me . I dont...
  4. Sid_gamer

    By Demand [January 2014]

    Demands can also be made by e-mail, story ideas and other suggestions (Fast Track ideas, design, demands for specific articles etc) Suggestions for DVD content, mail links or suggestions to...
  5. 7shivam9

    Grumpy DvD Drive , Need help.

    I have a LG DVD Drive (Super Multi (Dont know exact name)) Its Acting Wierd since few days. I have most of my Stuff in DVD's , So I use DVD drive more often. I have Dozens of Burned DVD's .. Since few days.. some of the dvds Work properly will good speed... but some of the dvds just dont...
  6. R

    New Optical Drive

    Hi. I need new internal dvd writer and blank media(50-100 dvds) for long time photo/video storage. I will burn dvds and store them as backup of my backup drive. So generally will not use them for long after writing. Please suggest some optical drive and also mention which brand dvds are best for...
  7. B

    XBox can't play different region code DVD.

    I don't have an XBox console, but my brother in law does. He recently went to the US and bought some games DVDs. The XBox console he bought here. When he plays the DVDs bought in the US, he gets an error saying its a different region DVD. So is there any workaround?
  8. kaustav_geek

    Batman Arkham City Retail Version DVDs Not recognised

    Hi, I have a Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN Windows 8 64-bit and a Blu-Ray drive which has read all the DVDs/CDs/BDs that have been thrown at it. But when I insert the Arkham City DVDs, they are not recognised at all. I have tried running the DVDs in a different system and the DVDs work. So neither...
  9. P

    how to make 32 bit and 64 bit bootable dvds from one bootable dvd

    One of my friends has a windows 7 installation dvd that contains both 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7 ultimate edition. Can somebody please guide how to create 32 bit and 64 bit bootable dvds separately from this?
  10. S

    dell xps 15 problem

    i am trying to reinstall OS (clean format factory OS) i have tried many times, burning DVD's with various window's ISO available from internet, with various program's available. burn's successfully. but never gets read. instead it shows blank DVD. i have wasted many DVD's in this process. those...
  11. K

    Which player will do?

    Hi Guys, I have got three DVDs of videos. I understand that the quality of them are not good enough. When I play them using media player, the videos and audios do not work properly making sounds like Kirk Kirk.... like that. Are there any FREE video players to try the DVDs?
  12. B

    Samsung DVD Writer

    Hey guys I have a samsung DVD writer which out of the blue has stopped reading dual layer dvd's but is perfectly reading cd and single layer dvd's. I checked on the dvd's box it shows that it can read dual layers Also i have to hit the dvd writer to make its tray open it dosent open itself...
  13. Nerevarine

    [Query] ASUS DVD Writer

    I opted for ASUS DRW24B5ST DVD RW because it has excellent reviews but now my drive fails to write DVDs.. IT does burn but after the burn the DVDs show up as empty.. It is only 3 months old.. I dont have much experience in RMA Procedures, so what should I do now ?? There are 3 service centers...
  14. A

    Need an External Hard Disk for storage, 2 TB or above

    Budget is ~7.5k max, would prefer something around 6.5 though Buying from Flipkart Going to transfer all the data from my DVDs to this. Some 200 DVDs in total, will use strictly for storage How does this look? ...
  15. P

    Multimedia DVD problem

    My PC configuration OS : Windows7 Ultimate, Drive G : Samsung DVD-RW. Earlier I was able to run DIGIT AND CHIP multimedia DVDs. NOw only DIGIT DVD s are being played. With CHIP DVD Drive G shows only CHIP icon. With Audio CD there is no problem. Digit DVDs having File system UDF while CHIP...
  16. stormbreaker

    Optical drives not working

    Hi guys, I'm new on this forum....anyway my DVD drive stopped working suddenly..the tray opens but the disks don't spin.BTW it was a new lg gh22ns50.As it wasn't working i bought a new buffalo external dvd drive...but even the new drive does not burn dvds on my computer .it reads dvds but it...
  17. A

    Optical Drive not working properly

    Hello Guys, This is my first forum discussion. I'm facing some weird problem with my optical drive. Lets tell u about my configuration first. I have a hp Pavilion dv4-2113tu entertainment notebook pc. It has hp CDDVDW TS-L633N model optical drive installed. This year, I happens to bought 2 digit...
  18. M

    dvd writer problem

    i have purchased desktop dvd writers of many companies . but all of them get useless after a short period of time i.e. 3 to 4 months and i don't use them so much how they get useless they are unable to read the disks i opened them and clean their lens then they works very good for...
  19. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] a hi fi system

    Wanna buy a hi fi music system for about 30 K.Need karaoke and the sound should be ethereal .Should play all formats...CDs DVDs USB ipod etc.Please give some suggestions
  20. V

    Some CD's can't be read by the CD-ROM

    I had bought some dvd's of digit at the i bought them, they could be opened and read, but now if i m trying to insert it and open it then @ dvd's from it can not be read I also used a tool provided by microsoft to detect the problems, so i got the answer that the DVD is ureadable What to do...
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