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Do u watch late night stuf on T.V???????

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Well, i hate to dampen the enthusiasm in here, but are these kinds of discussions allowed in this forum?

Whats next?


How many forum members are still virgins?? :D
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^^ sirf shabd alag hai .. bhavanao ko samjho..

mata ke bhajan... ramdeobaba ke aasan.. SAB EK HAI !! :p


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gaurav_indian said:
main toh raat ko mata ke bhajan dekhta hu,yehi late night stuff ki baat ho rahi hai na?

haan haan...hum jaante hain. kitne sharif bachche ho...

PS - Devrathnd (n00b of the week) ko ab jaane bhi do....bechare ki sab le rahe hain....


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i used to watch earlier when i was in school.i've watched axn's all midnight(11pm earlier) programme's and ftv and every fashion channel's lingerie launch too.we had a channel called CW which showed some good soft-porn(movies which were unedited)movies all-day.

abhi toh pc jindabaad.thode saal mein jab broadband le lunga tab toh live dekhunga :D


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^^hehe I was just curious.I am fed up with all kinds of these stuff,I have grown up andI got some more addictions to take care of.


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well count me in too.

i too used to see some shows.
there was MTV Grind. anyone remember?

and on AXN there was some thing called "acapulco heat", "tempation island"
these two were stopped in india.

fools when will india grow up? all the utter nonsence violence is allowed. just watch any south indian movies. :mad: :mad:


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LOL!as many of u forgot,i had watched latenight movies on DoorDarshan.Old members may be knowing that :D back in 90's. ;) after 12AM.


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^^ yes yes i do.
we were a group of friends back in school, we used to talk about the movie in school. :p

and they were showing something like that in some south indian channels too
tamil to be exact.
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