1. seamon

    Audio Meet

    I went to an Audio Meet to listen to some headphones and IEMs, great stuff
  2. B

    VFM Android Phone

    Hello Friends, I have been saving money for a mobile since the past 2 years. My N73ME is almost broken now, display gone. Anyways I am looking for a phone that can endure falls on the ground and stuff for the next few years. S7 is good but I think its price will fall in Feb when S8 will be...
  3. A

    laptop under 50k for mechanical engg student work/play

    1) What is your budget? (INR) 50k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? engineering simulation softwares (Autocad,Solidworks,Ansys),gaming(somewhere...
  4. GhorMaanas

    Gadget as a gift to couple on wedding?!

    hello all, its not everyday that we come across queries like the subject. :) i want to give a unique gift to my cousin on her wedding this weekend, that'd be of USE to the couple, but want to avoid giving the same old stuff like kitchenware, watches, etc. presently am thinking about getting...
  5. lywyre

    [Want to buy] Genuine Ear-pods for Apple iPhone 6s in Chennai

    I am looking to buy a genuine ear pod for iPhone 6s in Chennai (not for me). How good are Poorvika, UniverCell and Sangeeta regarding apple stuff? Will appreciate if any body could point me to a store that sells genuine apple stuff in Chennai.
  6. E

    Please contact if you want to buy electronics in patna with 1 k discount.

    Get Rs 1000 off on purchase of around 40k or above on any elecctronic items like Mobiles,Wearable Smart Devices,IT Accessories,Networking and Peripheral,Laptops,Tablets,Cameras and accessories,Audio video products.Offer available only in Patna.
  7. BakBob

    Need a tablet

    Need a tablet, nothing too expensive or too fancy. Preferably with a stylus. I will be using this mainly for reading books, scribbling stuff. Preferred screen size - 7" to 9". Thanks in advance!
  8. adityak469

    Buying Phone From AliExpress

    So I was thinking to get a phone from AliExpress for my friend. I've ordered a lot of stuff from there but all of them were <$20. This would be my first big purchase from AliExpress. I am only worried about customs as I have no idea how it works. Can anyone share their experience of buying...
  9. A

    Need to build an entry level gaming pc

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Entry Level Gaming . I want to play games like GTA 5 , Watch dogs, Battlefield 4 2. What is your overall budget? Ans: Rs 30k to 32k 3. Planning to overclock? Ans: No 4. Which Operating System...
  10. R

    Cheapest laptops (around 35k) with geforce 840m or higher

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) around 35k, +- 3k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Any 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? if it would be able to play most newer games, it would probably do almost everything i...
  11. M

    Technology News

    Do you know any recent technology news that have like an impact on society or something. Its for a school thing, but the only news that i can find relates to gadgets and stupid stuff like the iphone and something about tata car i would appreciate it if you send the link too
  12. papul1993

    Need a motherboard for my ancient AMD Phenom II 550 CPU

    Hi, I had a Biostar TA785G3 motherboard and it died today. What are the compatible motherboards for my CPU present in market today? I will be buying online. This computer is used by my dad for basic stuff and since everything works, I'd rather not replace the whole system. Will AM3+ socket...
  13. ShankJ

    Quick help buying gaming laptop ~50K

    I would have filled the questionnaire but since its for my friend, so i dont have much idea.. Need a gaming laptop for about 50K +-5K, 15.6 inch would be preferable.. He needs it purely for gaming and general college stuff.. Thanks in advance.. (Note - I personally despise HP) - - - Updated...
  14. G

    [Help] Urgent Blue Screen Of Death

    Hi guys i've been facing the blue screen of death issue from yesterday.I know there are already many thread on this issue but also did notice the solution was different for different people so thats why i created my own thread. Stuff i did recently in my computer: 1) Recently i've installed...
  15. tkin

    Weird stuff you could buy right now

    Welcome to the place to discuss weird, wonderful and crazy gizmos and stuff. Post everything that looks interesting, no matter how useless it is. This thread follows two simple rules: 1. It must be weird/interesting :lol: 2. The stuff you link to must be available to purchase in India, out...
  16. Nerevarine

    Unity 3D discussions

    Since many people here are showing interest in learning this, I thought of creating a thread so we can discuss techniques and other stuff...Also i wanna know how many people here are seriously learning U3D ?
  17. C

    [Urgent] Advice on kickstarter (24 hours to countdown)4

    Hi guys, Wanted some advice on ordering stuff from kickstarter actually I wanted to buy headbones from kickstarter and wondered will I be charged on customs or not and does anybody has any previous experience in buying stuff from kickstarter. Link ...
  18. A

    bet android phone max budget Rs 10000.00

    ok camera ni capable,want to surf internet,see email,do netbanking,screen size any chalega.frustrated with the internet where i am. no CHINESE stuff , no serious game rig also.DUAL sim must.ANDROID only.thanks
  19. jatt

    Suggest a software for online TV

    Hi, Frnds please suggest me a list of best software for online TV channel. The story is that we want to start a online TV channel and we need a best software for editing and to publish all things like a professional TV channel like scroll bars, adds and different stuff. So please let me know...
  20. Harsh23

    42 Inch LED FHD TV Under 50k

    I want to buy an FHD TV 40-42'' under 50k,willing to extend the budget upto 54k if necessary...:razz: I will be buying from the local Shop.I would like to do 1080p Gaming and Watching Movies and Stuff on the Tv.2x HDMI is a Priority ... I like brands like Sony,LG,Sammy and Panasonic ... Help me...
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