1. aaruni

    Bomb Blast in Bangalore

    A low intensity bomb blast from an IED took place in Church Street near M.G Road, Bangalore. Two injured, a woman in critical state, and a man. Source We were just in the area in the late noon.... Damn we were shocked when we switched on the TV to this news.
  2. ajayritik

    Battery Back up on my Note 2

    I have Galaxy Note2 for almost an year now but off late I find that the battery drains out very fast. Earlier with average usage the battery used to last for atleast one full day. However off late I find that I have to charge it multiple times in a day to have it charged the whole day. Could...
  3. gameranand

    Happy Birthday Sumonpathak

    I know it might be a little late for this but still better late than never. Happy Birthday Sumonpathak, our master overclocker. :) May all your wishes come true, and may you have a 7970 crossfire this year. :)
  4. anurag_bhd

    Granular 1.0

    Although I am quite late in letting you guys know about this news, I think it is better late than never to tell. Granular Linux's version 1.0 was released last month. Granular is one of the most active Linux distros from India. Looking at the huge number of open source lovers out here, I...
  5. H

    Crossover, anyone?

    It seems it's a one day offer. Crossover for free. (If you don'tknow what it is , you don't need it) * (yeah, I got there a bit late).
  6. A

    Do get your's this month digit

    hello friends, i haven't got this months digit up to now. Do you get? please tell me a reason why it is late.
  7. Faun

    The lost art of Push-Up

    I found it quite interesting, indeed if some of u don't get time to go for gym or don't like to go to gym then try this handy art, nothings better than havin your strength intact till the late 60s of ur life. No need to hav equipment and yet a comprehensive workout.:)...
  8. D

    What to eat for late night studies

    Have got a habit of late night studies say till 2-3 pm . So what should be taken to eat at night time ? so that i get good energy and dont feel sleepy . also the food should not harm any metabolic process due to eating at night . thanks !
  9. Pat

    Major Microsoft counterfeiter sentenced to 4 years in prison

  10. H

    Where is Bindass Movies Full Kegda Schedule ?

    Hi folks,:D As you all know UTV network has 2 bindass channels 1. Bindass, and 2. Bindass Movies. They are airing X-Flies in Bindass movies at 6pm weekdays, i want to see the schedule for any late night repeats. Now the site there is no mention about Bindass-movies I want...
  11. panacea_amc

    << Jodha Akbar >>

    Rahman has created magic with his music one again in Jodha Akbar....but I dont know why The producers r making it so late to release their music...Do any of u guys know when the music is going to release???,,,,,, thanks!!
  12. tango_cash

    Do u watch late night stuf on T.V???????

    hi i just wanted to ask everyone on this forum if they watch late night stuff on T.V. have u ever been caught???:D:D and anything else u want to share related to late night stuff on t.v. actualy i just read this *
  13. K

    Gphone to hit shelves by late 2008 ..??

    The rumoured GPhone may be up for sale by late 2008 . The GPhone will run a LINUX based OS . The alliance of 30 companies which contributed to the development of this OS says that it plans to release these 'OPEN PHONES' by the second quarter of 2008 . Developers will be able to download the...
  14. M

    Bindass late night movies

    Hey ppl after much advertising about uncut late night movie on new Bindass channel i decided to see which they gonna show.They showed The Mask in late night slot what u think about it?
  15. D

    Career Guidance Needed!

    My regards to all the gurus,geeks,noobs and novices I'm a 22 year old commerce graduate who's gradually slipping into depression :( unless..i see some light on this thread My passion for computers came along when it was too late for me to change the path I had chosen..(commerce) And now that...
  16. A

    help me in c++

    what do u mean by late binding and explain me in detail?
  17. T

    Mystery of the www2

    Of Late, I see websites with www2 prefix , eg * Even blogger has www2 * Theres certainly something with www2 Full Story here *
  18. G

    How to....

    I everyone, I am new to this forum. :confused: I wanted to know that how to download song from I might not visit this forum often and I may reply late, I am sure you will not mind. OK then....
  19. sysfilez

    Right click problem

    i am using win xp sp2, my problem is when i right click on desktop for pop up menu it shows up pretty late (8 to 9 secs), can any one one help me with this.
  20. M

    Vista Crack Means Big Trouble

    The exploit doesn't break Microsoft's anti-piracy mechanism, but falsely activates some Windows Vista versions ??? * is it too late now?
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