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dial up using KPPP?????

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fill in the details i.e phonenumber,pass,username and in extra initialization commands enter "atx 1" and then dial.


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Have u installed drivers for ur modem?
If u own a winmodem then configuring ur modem wll certainly b painful!

I hv tried a lot conf my modem but it didnt work out! If u hv an external modem then u shd face no prblms.
I also need help in configuring my internal modem to access mtnl dial up net on fedora core 6 using kppp....Cant understand wot to do!!!

Please help...


First of all is the internal modem recognised by the OS? If yes just type kppp at shell prompt and configure it, its very intutive. You can give the initialisation string as ATX3S10=250 instead of ATX1 if you have too much noise on the line

probably u r talking bout the modem being detected by linux, right???

I dont think so, coz it duznt show up in any of the ports option in kppp..

guess thats the way to check it..if not then please help..


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Did you just ignore gary4gar's post? He gave you a link. Did you follow the instructions on the linked page?


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yes i've gone through it, but steel i am not getting any idea
when i am using kppp in knoppix-live-cd "modem is ready" & "intializing modem"
after this nothing..... just "intializing modem" & so on
no dialling no sound...
i am talking abt bsnl dialup
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