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  1. 7mm

    Can't Detect Modem In Kubuntu!

    Hi There, I'm Using Kubuntu 6.10 & Just Installed Motorola Internal Modem In PCI 2 Slot. The Problem Is I Just Know How To Detect It In "kppp". There's Plenty of Options Available & Don't Know Which One Is PCI2 / COM3(As Show'n In WindowsXP). Please Help People!
  2. hrushij

    dial up using KPPP?????

    Pls. can anyone help me to config.. BSNL dial up connection using KPPP in knoppix......????????
  3. K


    Hello friends, i upgraded from redhat to fedora core 3. I am using US robotics external modem which worked well in RH 9. when i tried kppp to configure it says unable to open modem. the modem is in com1 port i used /dev/ttsy0 Can any please help me
  4. djmykey

    Connection Type

    Now I have an external modem DLink 56kbps. I hooked it up and entered the setting (as per the best of my knowledge). The modem dials and when it is supposed to logon to the network it gives an error no. 19 and says that the kppp daemon died suddenly. I dunno why does this happen. I have a VSNL...
  5. C

    KPPP problems

    I installed Debian Sarge from PCQuest DVD and everything was fine. I have an internal modem which worked fine under my Knoppix hdd install. I installed my modem in my new Deb system. When I ran KPPP it showed an error message stating that the file /etc/resolv.conf was not found. I created an...
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