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Hello All,

I want to build a desktop computer for web surfing and downloading various thing from web.
I want it to be always on with exception of power disruption.
Can you people suggest any thing for this requirement?


For PC to be always on make sure it has a good PSU(like Corsair) n good cabinet!!

BTW wats ur budget?
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Ishu Gupta

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AMD Athlon II X2 250 @ 3200
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H @ 4500
Kingston 2GB DDR3 Value RAM @ 1750
Corsair CX400W @ 2700
CoolerMaster Elite 310 @ 1500
WD Caviar Green 1TB @ 2850

TOTAL @ 16500


^^Seriously where do u get the RAM at tht cost??:chinscratch:

Ishu's suggestion is good!But if u want u can go for X3 435 for 3.6k!
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Ishu Gupta

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Like I said on that previous thread, "The Hardwareprice list" in "Hardware QnA".
Doesn't matter for the OP as the build is less than his budget anyway.

I would have suggested the X3 but as this going to be on 24/7, electricity bills play a aprt here. Also X2 250 is good enough for web/p2p

HERE a link for Kingston ram @1750
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@Ishu, nice config. but i'll too suggest changing the processor to Athlon II X3. even if he not able find the above mentioned motherboard, he can make the adjustment without crossing his budget.

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If I was in OP's place I would have bought a router with a usb port and option to do torrent/http download and pair it with an external hard drive and use a general low powered sempron/celeron pc for basic surfing. A little bit expensive but you're saving power when you really don't need a pc.

And I wouldn't really invest in motherboards with no sinks on the mosfet if you are planning to do so otherwise.


@Ishu : X3 for jus in case he wants to do somethin else!!:p
But nice point - " elec bill"!!
n I didn't know abt deltapage website!!I checked others like techshop,itwares,smc n the cheapest I could find was G-Skill for 2.3k(single stick) n Corsair 2*2GB for 4.1k!!Now I can refer ppl to hv a look at tht site!!Thanks!!:thumbs:


The following config should be fast enough for your tasks and low cost and low power consumption.
Sempron 140 - 1.7K approx (single core but fast, cheap, low TDP)
ASUS M4A78LT-M LE - 2.9K approx iirc
(Socket AM3, HyperTransport 3.0, 760G, DVI port, EPU for power saving, 6x SATA ports, Anti-Surge protection, Express gate, ...)
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
2GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM, Corsair- 2K approx
Seagate 1TB HDD- 2.8K approx
FSP SAGAII 350 - 1.5K approx
CM Elite 310 case - 1.6K approx
keyboard+mouse - 0.5K approx
APC 600VA UPS - 1.8K approx
20" LCD- 6.5K approx
Total- approx 21.4K (approx 14.9K without LCD)
You may reduce the cost a bit by getting a 17" or 18.5"/19" LCD- if you need a LCD monitor within 20K too.
To get a rough idea on prices-
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pegasus, your suggestion is very good if power saving is the only concern. But now a days when most of the applications are multithreaded, even the web applications, flash applications, a dual core is much more advisable. I think X3 is not required but X2 is a must have thing.

Reason is if you wanna do anything else apart from surfing, say using Word 2007, HD movie watching, running flash applications, a dual corre processor will add significant performance boost. Even web browsers like IE 8 and Firefox 3.6 are multi-Core aware.

So OP may drop the idea for Athlon II X3, but a Athlon II X2 is I think should be minimum requirement.


Right off the assembly line
@Ishu Gupta: Thanks for your suggestion :)
And thanks all others who took out there time and answer

@pegasus your configaration is also good but if I have choice I would go for a Dual Core processor rather than sempron and when I am spending around 20k behind it. But saving electricity is also concern for all of. thanks for your suggestion.

I heard some rumour that AMD processors heat up more compare to intel one and have less life period. Is there any truth in this?
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