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even my parent are disconnecting Broadband:|, but i soon would be getting a GPRS connection through my mobile:D

nothing could separate me from digit forums


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nothing could separate me from digit forums

Reminds me the movie - Titanic -....they both realized at that moment that nothing on earth could come between them.



What happened ? Addicted to Digit like me ? ?

Donot spend too much time on internet or forums, take days / weeks off from forum when you have important work or exams, but never say good-bye to ThinkDigit forum.


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Concentrate on your exams & come back after they are over & I totally agree with din sir. We'll be waiting :)


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It helps if u study regularly else u get all the pressure of studying by heart all the chapters......follow my advice.. study regularly (2hrs daily) then u can surf the net , play games etc without any tension and worries :razz:

Bye........................ will surely miss u


to all:why you guys are concerned about exams...can't you guys just spend 1 hour daily online...:confused:
"all study and no net makes one a dull boy"


arrey i would be onl9 fr sme 15 mins at a interval of say abt 2 days....nw let me tell u y i am going.. i was chatting with a girl..let it be X and my mom was coming.So i had given X a hell lotta abuses..my mom and i quickly minimised it....she told me to shw it bt i said I WONT SHOW IT(the im windows..nt wot u r thinking)..this is one of the reasons...then i sit onl9 fr abt 4-5 hrs onl9..so mom says "from 9th u'll be serious and no comp. nw u have learned computer bt now u also need to do studies..so these 3 yrs be serious"

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The best thing to do during exams is too study for 2-3 hours at a stretch & then come online for half an hour to relax & refresh.

It will help you concentrate,rather than cutting form net overall.
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