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  1. ranjitsd

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified game4u key region restricted
  2. N

    [Data Structures] Can stack be searched or traversed?

    Assuming that the stack is implemented using array , is it okay to search or traverse the stack without actually popping the contents? I mean, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of stack itself since stack is a restricted data structure? Need to clear some doubts so I'll be very much obliged if...
  3. SunnyGamingHD2

    Google Chrome Access Restricted Help!!

    Does anyone else getting this ,any solutions for this?
  4. IronCruz

    Threat from Virus!!!

    Hey guys i was browsing FB on Internet. Suddenly, FB got slower, chat menus didn't appear for sometime, FB was not refreshing, while opening Keep-tube, got the CAPTCHA saying that Access Restricted!! Is this because of VIRUS? :( I'm using AVAST 6 on Windows 7!!
  5. D

    bypassing cyberroam???

    our college has restricted our access to many websites like Facebook,youtube...and also restricted downloading using cyberoam security... so is there any way to bypass this security ?? as many people say that its almost hack proof... guys it would be a great favor if u'll help me out...
  6. niharuce

    Proxy on Ubuntu

    Presently I am using windows Vista with CCProxy for internet connection sharing on my network on which 5 clients are working. I am planning for migrating to Ubuntu. Is there any way I can use to be the internet server in my network(with restricted access facility)?
  7. Kalyan

    trouble enabling restricted drivers

    Hi all.. Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu 7.10 from Digit DVD(Dec edition). The setup went right and I got it installed. When I chose the visual effects to the max, it asked me to install the restricted drivers and insert the disk named 'Ubuntu 7.10_Gutsy Gibbon_release_-i386' cd. I inserted...
  8. pritish_kul2

    Bye guys

    Bye guys, I woouldn't be online for most of the time as my net has been restricted by my parents:(
  9. vikramkh

    how to send attachments via gprs

    I have been trying to send word docmnts or pdf files but i cant figure in the mobile internet how to get it attached cos when i compose a mail in the attachments area nothing happens the buttons dont work its just camera sign on the button where usually it is to select the files to attach.Is...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Restrict User in VISTA

    Guys i want my user profile ie admin to have all the privilege and another account to be restricted to 2 partition of my hard disk [i have 3 partition] How can i do it? Please help
  11. kumars

    How to download restricted files in a college network?

    Hey all.. I use wifi in our college.. The admin has restricted the download of divx, zip, avi, mp3 etc. files. as well as the use of download accelerators is restricted. please suggest some way of downloading these files in the current environment..
  12. Rahim

    GNUCash install: g-wrap will not be installed

    hi guys i wanted to install GNUCash from Add/Remove but i got an error and was told to install it through Synaptic. I did that but there the error was that "g-wrap will not be installed". I guess g-wrap is the dependencies of gnucash. So i searched for g-wrap and selected it but it shows another...
  13. D

    Run Restricted Yahoo Messenger......

    Hi, In my office environment Yahoo Messenger is restricted to run. Is there any way to bypass that restriction to run Yahoo Messenger........ I don't wanna use other messenger like Gaim etc...... and not even web yahoo messenger.
  14. Ron

    A Query to Solve.

    Hey frens, How can I access the files and folders present inside c: If a user have done the following 1. Restricted c:/ 2. Remove Run Command 3. Remove Search 4. Rename GPEDIT.MSC 5. Hide GPEDIT.MSC -------------------------------------------------- Waiting For Reply…………………..
  15. eagle_y2j

    Ms Office 2007 beta2 woes !

    Whenever I click any hyperlink in any of Ms office program there is error message that due to restriction action was terminated but I never restricted this type of actions plz help..?
  16. g_goyal2000

    Guest or Restricted??? Need help.

    I have WinXP Pro SP2 with all the latest updates installed. I want to know which kind of user account is more restricted - guest or a limited/restricted user? Which one of the above has more restricted privileges?
  17. R

    running a P2P from reliance webworld

    i use the reliance webworld to access the net. i wish to run bit-torrent or any similar p2p. my account is restricted and i cannot install the software & modify the firewall settings please help!
  18. N

    opening restricted sites

    Please any body tell me how to open restricted sites. blocked sites. our isp service has blocked some pirated sites. plz let me know how to open them?
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