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Bought my dream rig - Finally

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But why only 667Mhz RAM for that processor? With the FSB at 1333 Mhz, you outta get atleast 800Mhz RAM, the current setup is a bottleneck.


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yea exatcly,your processor is too good as compared to rest of your system.You should have got atleast 800mhz or even better ddr3\ddr2 1033mhz even if that meant buying a lower processor.

btw which video card and monitor?


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@hitboxx, the RAM ll be a bottleneck only if he tries to even slightly OC the system (highly probable).. Dude, get better RAM.


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all dream PC becomes average in a matter of months :(

btw nice config, watch in full HD now.


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@allwyndlima Total Price aka damages :D came upto Rs.40,700.I will update the individual prices today and a nice review of my rig. By the way DDR2 800 MHz RAM was biting my hand.

Initial budget was only Rs.40,000 but that increased due to 2.66 GHz Quad Core Selection.Not a problem when DDR3 gets affordable, I will get it.

Now I am running VMWare ESX Server in VMWare Workstation 6.0 ;)

@DigitalDude - 650W SMPS was bought with RAID 5 and graphics card upgrade in mind.

@The_Devil_Himself - Monitor - Dell E248WFP 24" LCD and Graphics Card XFX 6200 (256 MB Graphics Card). Graphics Card will be upgraded soon along with Creative 7.1 Speakers.Buying a good processor is always the right choice.You can always upgrade RAM to a later date.


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Wow!! that's a killer config. Congrats.

BTW, 667 MHz will be enough if you run it on dual channel, though I'm not sure how you gonna run 3GB in dual channel mode. Get 2x2GB.

In dual channel, effective memory speed = 2 x 667 = 1334MHz, which is in sync with proc FSB. No bottleneck. Great performance. Make sure you have dual channel setup.

P.S: 40k is cheap man, for that PC.


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Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R - 8653.85 (all prices incl of taxes)
Intel Core2Quad Q9450 2.66 GHz, 12 MB Cache, 1333 MHz FSB - 14,903.85
DDR2 667 MHz 3 GB RAM - 3173.08
Antec 650W SMPS - 8173.07
Cooler Master CM RC690 - 4230.77
VAT @ 4% - 1565.38
Total - 40,700

These are the prices in Chennai.
I bought these in RC Automation,Richie Street.
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