1. B

    Diagnosing lapotop fan

    Hello Friends, I play games on my laptop once or twice a week for 4-5 hours. Yesterday after playing NFS-Rivals the fan of the laptop never slowed to the normal speed, it only did after I restarted the laptop. Now there is very low noise, like there's something stuck in between the fans. I...
  2. W

    Sapphire HD7770 Fan replacement

    Hello Guys, Recently my display started to turn off abruptly or show vertical lines with bright monochrome screen. i tried reinstalling the gpu driver but the same scenario went on time and again. I noticed my GPU fan was not rotating at optimum speed and as per many forums overheating...
  3. max_snyper

    System post failure, guys need help.

    Hi guys, My PC is failing at post, when I try to switch on the PC, the fans of the PC move for half a second and then nothing happens. Dismantled all the components and running just the core components ,still no luck. Tried the paper clip test on the psu works fine, all the cabinet fans and...
  4. akhilc47

    Cabinet fans for SPEC-01

    Hi, 1. SPEC-01 comes with a RED 120mm fan at the front. Does anyone know which model it is? I don't want to add another fan which doesn't look exactly the same color. 2. Also need another 3x120mm fans for rear(1) and top (2). Please suggest some quiet fans. Again RED or no color is...
  5. S

    CM 120 SI2 (4 IN 1) VS (Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm)x3

    So i need to buy new cabinet fans since my old multi color led fans died. Basic Requirements 1.3 fans for 1k. So i have these two options 1).Cooler Master Silent FAN 120 SI2 (4 in 1) Cooler - Cooler Master : or 2)Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm Transparent Cooling Fan...
  6. U

    Are my CPU temperatures safe?

    I had a two year old AMD system rig which I had assembled myself. Though there are no problems with the system, the CPU temperatures are looking a bit odd to me. My config is as follows Processor: AMD A10-5800K Motherboard: Asus F2A85-M RAM: Corsair Value select 1600 MHz - 4+4 GB Kingston...
  7. NeedToKnow

    Help needed in choosing new cabinet

    Hi Guys , I would like to upgrade to a new cabinet so i would very much appreciate your suggestions in this matter . budget - 3.5k-4.5k requirements - should not too flashy . A subtle statement is what i need . should have a removable hdd cage should have enough space for cable...
  8. RageshAntony

    Do the Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 able to support the 2 fans (front and rear fans) on Antec X1-T cabinet ?

    I am building a PC. I selected Antec X1-T cabinet . I have 1 front fan and 1 rear fan. I selected Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 Motherboard. But this MB have one 1 system fan header. What does it means. ? Can if connect that 2 fans on the cabinet on the motherboard. ? If not , what can i do ? Can I...
  9. RageshAntony

    Please suggest a cabinet without smps below 2,000 with 3 cabinet fans ..

    I want a Cabinet without SMPS with below 2,000 . The form factor is micro-ATX Form Factor (22.6cm x 17cm) I require the following features . 1) support atleast 3 cabinet fans (Front , side , rear ), 2) atleast 2 Usb 2.0 or Usb 3.0 ports in front. 3) Cable management 4) Able to hold Gtx...
  10. R

    Cheap Case Fans

    hi i have a CM 690 III case and i am thinking to buy 2 case fans with led as the temps for my gtx 970 while playing games have steadily risen from 69 to 77 degrees over the months,the temp for cpu also goes near 70. Pls suggest me 120mm budget case fans that would fit my case. I intend to use...
  11. rakesh_sharma23

    Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX CPU Cooler Review

    Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX CPU Cooler Review We have tested and reviewed few of All-In-One (AIO) liquid CPU cooler solutions. Corsair H100i, Cooler Master 240M and Corsair H80i GT, But today we have the opportunity to review the all new Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Series...
  12. rakesh_sharma23

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review Today we are going to take a close look at the ANTEC latest addition to its range of PC gaming case the Antec GX900. Following the Antec’s most successfully case GX700, the new GX900 is also a mid-tower Military-style chassis supporting ATX and m-ATX form factor...
  13. P

    Aerocool GT/A for 4.5k Worth It?

    Hi guys my local shop is selling that cabinet for 4.5k, From looks I was Like WoW GT-A White Edition Gallery plus it has Decent airflow and comes with 3 fans should i get it?
  14. a_k_s_h_a_y

    need new cpu fan

    I have this sgv tech aoc 120 st cooler. SVG Tech AOC 120ST CPU cooler review - Reviews and Guides - Tech Forum India The fan that I have is now making a lot of noise, coz its dirty, can't clean, tried to open it up. doesn't open. So can I buy any 120mm fan and replace it ? All these 120mm...
  15. Bhav

    Dose Corsair vs450 support gtx750ti

    My config is Prossoser - AMD FX6300 Motherbord - Asus M5A78-usb3.0 HDD - 320 gb samsgung and 1 tb segate RAM - Corsair vengens 8gb (4x2) Graphic card - galaxy 630 (want to upgrade to 750ti) Three 120mm fan. 2 fans are led and one is normal and 2 80mm fans on processor heat sink...
  16. TechPrince

    CM Hyper TX3 EVO Fan rattling at high RPM

    Hello, I purchased this cooler 21 months ago. Now it has started making rattling at high RPM. Whenever the fan reaches 2400+ rpm, rattling starts. Now if i touch the fans side, rattling goes away for a while then comes back. After this point, fan rattles at >= 2000 rpm OR when fans RPM falls...
  17. rhyansy

    MSI India 2X US$20 Steam Wallet Giveaway for 3333 Fans!

    In celebration for 3333 MSI India Notebook fans, we would like to thank all of you for the support! We’re giving away 2 x US$20 worth of Steam Wallet to anyone who will LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE the post. Winner will be selected on December 3, 2014. Good luck everyone! Link...
  18. Limitless

    Suggestions for fans

    Please suggest me good fan. Cabinet=NZXT source 210 elite window Budget= Rs.1200 Fan=Sorry 120mm or 140mm fans typing error
  19. nomad47

    NZXT Phantom 240

    NZXT has announced the Phantom 240 a mid tower chasis. Claimed as the lowest priced phantom yet it will be a worthy buy for gamers looking for good airflow and excellent cable management. The cabinet has provision for 2 front 120 mm fans, 1 each at rear and bottom 120 mm, and 2 top mounted 140...
  20. Y

    Intake/Exhaust fans (Cabinet Fans)

    Hi, I want to create negative pressure inside the cabinet, for proper airflow and better cooling. My Questions: 1) How will I know that cabinet fan is working in intake mode or exhaust mode? i.e. it's sucking in cold air or blowing out hot air. 2) If there are three fans in the cabinet, how...
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