1. T

    Dream League Soccer

    Anyone playing Dream League Soccer? I have been playing Dream League Soccer for more than four months.
  2. K

    FUP Came back after 6 months in BSNL Broadband for me.

    I enjoyed BSNL Broadband with tons of downloads since June 2016 for about 6 months. but on Dec 12 2016, FUP Pops up for me. IT MAKES me sick. why FUP Came back after 6 months ?
  3. P

    Reliance extends Jio free voice data till March

    In a move aimed at rapidly doubling its subscribers to over 100 million from 52 million now, Reliance Jio on Thursday announced the extension of freebies, including free voice call, and data services till March 31, 2017 through a “Jio Happy New Year” offer. “I want to announce today... that...
  4. J

    How to get Ranking in Google

    Hi Guys, I have Real Estate Website.But from last six months not getting keyword rank in google.Whats the current SEO Strategy.
  5. D

    Clicking sound from UPS

    Guys i have a iBall Nirantar UPS 621V(600VA). Whenever the light goes the UPS start make clicking sound. It clicks very fast "click click click click click click click click click" like that. I bought this UPS few months back from amazon. Is there some defect with the UPS or is it some other...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    [Views] iPhones Are Not Designed To Operate In Indian Environment

    TL;DR I always had a dream of getting an iPhone and I do agree that I do not have that affordability conditions (aukat) to get an iPhone. But still I dared to get iPhone 6S 64 GB for whopping 53,499/- from Flipkart with a 1.5 years (18 months) EMI on my Credit Card. I couldn't even tell this...
  7. aaruni

    Digital Ocean much Disappint

    So, last year in around July, I got 100 USD credit for DigitalOcean (via Github Student Developer Pack). I calculated that this will run a 5 USD per month VPS for 20 months (which is quite goddamned cool!). Today, I got a very unexpected email from DigitalOcean saying that they tried charging...
  8. Rajat_Biswal

    Jio 4G

    Jio 4G speed is super amazing. This is the speed I got using Jio. 4 to 7MB/s or as average speed of 5MB/s To get Jio SIM Contact Reliance Jio employee, anyone selling LYF smartphone at you local place or register on Then you have to buy any LYF smartphone. But I'll say buy those...
  9. B

    Windows xp crash reasons

    Hi Guys, We have a pc at home. We are using XP SP3 in it from the past many years. From the past couple of months it is crashing/getting bugged after a month or two. Say we shut the pc down properly and the next day when we start it, it will have a black screen which says start windows...
  10. warfreak

    Please suggest sturdy mice that could last like a billion clicks or something

    I am a pretty careless user when it comes to mice. They never last more than 6 months for me. I bought a logitech G500 thinking being a gaming mouse it would be sturdy. But that too lasted hardly 6-7 months. Please suggest some sturdy mice that could withstand heavy abuse and last for at...
  11. ithehappy

    Have Windows 10 nuisances been sorted out?

    I ditched 10, came back to Seven, wanted to give it full six months for their stupid bugs to fix, six months are over. So I just want to know whether with latest updates the bugs have been got rid of or not. By bugs I mean the following: - Start Menu's Search index would completely stop...
  12. sandynator

    Need guidance on used laptop buying which is under 9+ months warranty.

    I'm getting an HP laptop which is under 9 months warranty. Bought from flip kart & mentioned date on bill is 27th oct. 2015 Specs AMD A8 7410 4gb RAM 1 TB HDD Windows 10 So going by the specifications mentioned by owner following is the laptop model. HP 15-af114AU Notebook(AMD...
  13. B

    [For Sale] Tata Photon Max Wifi Data Card EC315 (Only 3 Months Used)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Tata Photon Max Wifi Data Card EC315 (Only 3 Months Used) Expected Price: Rs 1199/- Source and Time of Purchase: Somewhere around September 2015 Reason for Sale: Not in use anymore RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  14. veera_champ

    One Plus Two

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs 25,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Amzzon in Sep 11th 2015 Reason for Sale: Upgrading to Google Nexus. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd . Product Condition: Like new, applied...
  15. chimera201

    BSNL redirecting randomly to

    This has been going on for a few months BSNL Broadband is randomly redirecting users to their webmail service‽ • BSNL Broadband • India Broadband Forum Any way to get rid of this?
  16. A

    price query for 8350 ?

    i have an 8350 just sitting around eating dust its packed as i rma-ed it and never opened it lol but it has still has 4 months warranty left just wondering how much i can sell it for as i have no use for it any ideas how much i can get for it ?
  17. anarchy0x

    Buying a Power Bank

    I currently have Xiomi Redmi Note 4G since a few months In some months, I'll buy a new mobile. Of course, I can't say for now which one it'll be. So please suggest me a decent Power Bank, considering my current mobile & future buy. I think max budget would be 1.5-2K but it's not a hard & fast...
  18. anirbandd

    [For Sale] MSI R7770 2PMD1GD5 || With Warranty

    1. *Model number and details: MSI R7770 2PMD1GD5 Details: R7770-2PMD1GD5 2. *Date of purchase: 12/11/2012. 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to GTX960. 4. Warranty details: Approx 6 months left. 5. *Expected Price: 5k + Shipping. 6. *Location of Seller: Pune. 7. *Pictures along with your...
  19. Zangetsu

    Cyanogen To Open Office In India In 3 Months

    Cyanogen, an open-source mobile OS developer, to open its India office in 3 months Cyanogen, the developer of an open-source mobile operating system, will open an office in India within the next three months. Source: Cyanogen, an open-source mobile OS developer, to open its India office in...
  20. Ironman

    Mouse Problem - Single Click Leads to Double Click

    My Dragon War Thor Mouse The One i bought Last Year has been giving me this problem lately when i click something , it leads to a double click , Is there any way to Solve it ? 6 Months Warranty is Over a few months back , so no point of calling them.:-(
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