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^ aa ninna chusa imax 3d lo...imax ki vellina ventane pedha punch padindhi...imax closed! Security vadini adigithe closed annaru..10mins wait chesi staff ni adigithe lopaliki parking lot nunchi pampinchadu...200 ticket...mamul googles ea..:p


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visuals are jst awesome.. evry scene got smting special abt it
story could although b wrapped up in less than 5 sentences :)
nyway the VFX shows the 1200 crore tag evrywhr


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Well just saw it few hours ago....
Well the movie has created history for sure. The graphics/3D, animation integration is absolutely awesome. This movie has set new grounds for CGI films. The experience is extremelly immersive, and one does not feel like getting up. Well if a movie can do that, then I think it is good. If you argue from a critique point of view...yea..then the story is nothing great, really simple. Most of our hindi movies are like this. A hero reaches a new place, becomes the helper, is beaten the **** out off, and in the end prevails -- with a girl on his arm. Message is strong though.

Worth a watch. No ways was my 2xRS300 + popcorn+pepsi+2.5 hours wasted. :)


I saw this movie on last week. I like it presentation and nice sound effect. Cameron did such a nice job. He took 2000 character movie and 500 camera to made this movie. This movie is one of the best movie of 2009. I think this movie is desreve to take oscar award.


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watched it and a smal review is posted in must watch movies thread. CG is awesome. But ppl should watch in 2D atleast in India. 3D goggles and experience creates headache. PVR

hot zubs

live life king like...
hey digitians from bangalore dont ever go to watch Avatar in Urvashi, had a real bad experience over there today, the 3D over there really sux i did not get any feel of 3D at all (i dont no about the other movie halls) and the eyes were really burning and while stepping down from the stairs, i fell and that 3D glasses got some crack in it and after that, the owner of urvashi really pissed me off
he says that the glasses are 4300 bucks which he had got it from USA and he told me to pay 2500 bucks for this and finally after a long conversation
i just paid him 1000 bucks...
are those glasses really 4000 bucks
or i just paid him extra...
and one more question guys were can i get the best 3D experience in bangalore...


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^^Feel sorry for you! I dont think those glasses are that expensive! Anyway , I've been to INOX MG ROAD...its 3D is pretty good!! A guy who had seen Avatar in Hyd IMAX said 3d effect of INOX is same as IMAX..


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amazing movie... i saw the movie in 3D for just 95 bucks:hyper:...30rs for 3d glasses:lol:.
i know the 3d experience is not so good in ordinary theaters:hissyfit:..but it's worth it.


I'm in 3D Grafix world!!!
^^ yes.. thats the balcony fare in Crown theater, Calicut.
I traveled almost 200KM from my home to watch that movie...


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^hiii i just returned home frm crown after watching avatar.....will go once more, wer r u frm?
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