1. bssunilreddy

    How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission

    Hai, How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission A master scammer takes on a cruel corp in the depths of space. It's an awesome story. Source:How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission | PC Game
  2. E

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that?
  3. Nerevarine

    Starcraft II : Legacy of the void

    there was no starcraft thread, so.. starcraft thread LOTV opening cinematic looks awesome watch?v=M_XwzBMTJaM anyone still playing starcraft on US Battlenet ?
  4. S

    Want to buy decent pair of heaphone under 7k..with bass of course

    Recently had a sony mdr v-55 , and they sounded awesome from thumpy bass with warm notes and all . . also the clarity was awesome good..but gone side not working anymore.. So want to buy a good and decent pair of headphones with right amount of bass i am not a hardcore...
  5. A

    Sony vs LG Confused between 42" TV Model

    Hii People, I have done a lots of research and also seen the TV models live in stores,But yet not able to decide which will be the best.OK the TV Models im referring are Sony KDL-43W950C and LG 42LB6500. Sony looks awesome with the design and the display color,Also the duct speaker which is...
  6. RCuber

    Best Movie/TV Show cataloging software?

    I am looking for a software which can catalog all the movies and tv shows that I have. I use plex for the moment and its awesome, but to use its Smart TV app, one needs to purchase a premium subscription. else it wont work. Should have good Cover art feature. UPnp support would be awesome...
  7. seamon

    Great Video game monologues/dialogues.

    What are some of the greatest monologues/dialogues in video game history? For instance the Insanity monologue from Far Cry 3 is pure awesome. JmJngOYQDGw PS:I am acting this one out in a school dramatics audition.
  8. M

    A phone similar to sony ericsson K750i

    I had this phone with a good camera and the music quality with the MegaBass equalizer and the handsfree was way to awesome. I Just want to buy a new phone with these two qualities everything else is secondary. This legendry phone had a 1. Dedicated camera button for its awesome 2MP camera...
  9. Desmond

    New Cryengine Tech Demo

    Just when I was starting to believe that Cryengine 3 had no **** on the new Unreal engine, they come up with this. * Is this awesome or what!?
  10. abhidev

    Dying Light

    A new game from WB and Techland. Its Left for dead + Dead island + Mirrors Edge... And it looks awesome. Checkout it out. E3 Trailer Mk6BBoTnsuE Gameplay footage J2TSCZqcjR0
  11. Zangetsu

    Cabinets below 3K

    These are the budget & excellent cabinets under 3k :-D 5 Awesome PC cabinets priced below Rs 3,000
  12. L

    A Awesome XBOX Gif

    found a awesome gif source
  13. Flash

    Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread

    Epic/Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread ❤​EPIC/AWESOME MOVIE MOMENTS❤​ There were lot of movies with AWESOME moments irrespective of the language, that makes the movie memorable and special. Whenever you hear the movie name/see the movie poster, that sudden moment will come to your mind. The moment...
  14. bittutora

    Please Suggest a 40K Phone

    Hi Guys! I am planning on buying a new Smartphone , But I am really stuck between these phones: Note 2 ; Xperia Z ; HTC One ; Galaxy S4(After Release) I like Note 2 better because of its enormous display, and it also features the SPen(good for my big...
  15. theserpent

    Ubuntu OS discussion thread

    In a matter of 2-3 days, Ubuntu OS will be released for Nexus devices * And for tablets(Nexus 10) and might come for nexus 7 also * It looks really awesome
  16. S

    all in one pc

    hi, i want to buy an all in one pc i want a hp envy 23 - it is quite good but is the graphic card good for playing high end games like black ops 2 if not could u suggest me a good all in one pc below 70k which has a touch windows 8 with an awesome graphic card? hope i get my answer before...
  17. Zangetsu

    Innovative Gadgets/Devices Thread

    Hi All :wave: we come across so many new innovative gadgets/devices so please share your bit of info here (when u get any ;)) like this I have come across is awesome... HYT H1 Titanium | HYT it cost almost 27lacs
  18. D

    Quentin Tarantino at his best: Django Unchained

    * awesome movie :twisted: anybody watched it
  19. Abhishekrocked

    FIFA 12 Ultimate team [PC]

    Does anyone plays here ? It's Features and Contents are Awesome... some features as live Auctions and Trading make the Feature interesting.... :)
  20. T

    Is it better to buy locally or Online?

    Hi.. I am not new to buying anything from Flipkart or letsbuy or theitdepot. But for assembling a PC would it make a big difference in price if I went and bought each part individually instead of getting them locally?? I am from Chennai. So if there is anyone from Chennai who knows the local...
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