1. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Best budget gaming headphones?

    i am currently owning a kotion each it does its job decently, but im thinking of an upgrade, i need advice whether its worth the upgrade? hyperX stinger any good?...etc. This is a follow up to my previous thread, P.S ive got FIIO dac its amazing stuff, i think headphone is tearing up if i try...
  2. N

    Fan compatible with Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X

    I have purchased Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X and it came with one fan. I would like to attach one more fan to it which will blow air over the cooler. Which fan is compatible with Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X ? FYI: I am using Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s...
  3. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Cooler Master Hyper 212X/EVO

    Hello TDF Members, I am looking for Cooler Master Hyper 212X/EVO. Interested individuals can contact me via PM with their best reasonable offers. Budget: Rs.2000 Shipped Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Thanks!!
  4. Vyom

    Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

    EA will give details about this in next E3 2015. But it's Official. MIRROR's EDGE CATALYST!!!! :shock: :hyper: Source: Mirror's Edge Catalyst Officially Announced by EA; More at E3 2015 Next Week Source 2: Mirror's Edge 2 Is Now Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Tweet...
  5. anarchy0x

    Where to get Back plate of cooler master hyper 212 evo?

    I had purchased hyper 212 evo but hadn't installed it as I hadn't bought a GPU. Now after I bought one & my pc tech had started to install it, we noticed that it had the backplate missing. It's still under warranty, so will the company give me a back plate? Or else, will I have to buy? And if...
  6. bssunilreddy

    [Query] Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler RMA... Where to go in Hyderabad?

    Hi, I have a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO cooler which is 5 days old. 2 of its 4 legs broke of because of a stupid assemblers over zealous nature for money. Can I get it RMA'ed. If so where to go in Hyderabad?
  7. S

    which DDR3 RAM ? gskill rj/corsair ven/kingston hyper x

    hii thanks to digit.in n other tech forums i have finalized my config MOBO >GIGABYTE H97 MD3H PROC > I3 4160 G CARD > GTS 450 NVIDIA NOW need a RAM SUGGESTION Between G SKILL RIPJAWS /CORSAIR V/ KINGSTON HYPER X (their models if any) Considering their performance , warranty ...
  8. H

    apache rtr 160 hyper edge mileage?????

    Hey I just bought apache rtr 160 hyper edge ....what is the mileage of it????
  9. summers

    CPU Cooler

    I am building a new PC for moderate gaming and home use. CPU : AMD FX-6300 Mobo : MSI 990FX - GD65 RAM : Corsair Vengeance 1600 (4GB x 2) I am planning to buy CM Hyper 212X. Will it have any RAM clearance issue on this motherboard. Are there any better CPU coolers than this. Budget...
  10. Arjun609

    Hyper 212 Evo *VS* Corsair H60 Which is better?

    Iam planning to cool down my PC Iam confused whether to go for hyper 212E or Corsair h60.I will combine two Corsair SP120 HighP fans to hyper 212 evo if i buy it.Iam also in the plan of buying Corsair H60 but mostly people say it has a chance of leak.Please suggest me which is better
  11. abhidev

    Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare

    And its finally here!!!! :hyper: VKYHuhg0l3I
  12. avichandana20000

    Hyper 212 evo.................solid build?

    I have bought hyper 212 EVO on Jan,2012 for 2000/- After a year during a general cleaning of my PC i noticed that the four spring screws of the X CLAMP have caught RUST. One of the screws with backplate nut has become so stubborn and stained that i was unable to open it. It was only in the...
  13. anikahead2010

    Need a CPU Air cooler

    Budget= upto 5k Proc: i5 2500k Cabi: CM 690 II How about this: Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim Cooler - Cooler Master: Flipkart.com Also suggest a TIM if possible. Thx in adv.
  14. rijinpk1

    CPU cooler requred for rs 1400.

    as the title indicates, i am in need for a cpu cooler for rs 1400 or less. My configuration is in my Sig.anyway I am posting here the config. CPU - Intel core i7 3770 Mobo - intel DH77EB RAM - corsair vengeance 2X 4gb Case - Antec X1 maximum cooler height supported - 150mm i was...
  15. bssunilreddy

    Coolermaster Hyper 103 (CPU Cooler)

    Hai, Coolermaster Released their new cooler from "Hyper" stables called Coolermaster Hyper 103. Code: RR-H103-22PB-R1 The Cooler Master Hyper 103 is an affordable mainstream Heatsink delivering great cooling performance on all modern platforms thanks to the special fin design with Cooler...
  16. Zangetsu

    Highest Paid CEO

    guys checkout the GMI ratings of 2013 Zuckerberg is still on the rise :mrgreen: GMI Ratings’ 2013 CEO Pay so much money :hyper:
  17. A

    will coolermaster hyper 212 evo will fit?

    hey guyz thinking of buying coolermaster hyper212 evo but I am worried that will it fit in my cabinet ? my cabinet is iball rider gaming cabinet .and my motherboard is intel dh67bl will it support hyper 212 evo?
  18. Nerevarine

    Call of Duty : Ghosts

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQEbPn36m1c Activision finally decides to go for a newer engine.. This is most likely a prequel to MW2, featuring Ghost as the main charecter New campaign, new story.. Who's excited :hyper:
  19. R

    Suggest the best mobo for fx 8350

    I am bored with my i5 3570k+asus maximus v gene setup and so want to go the amd way.So I m looking at fx 8350+best all round 990fx mobo.I have a few questions: 1.Where can I get fx 8350 for the cheapest price online? 2.Which mobo should I go with, will do multi-gpu in near future, overclocking...
  20. jackal_79

    Overclocking C2D E6550

    Hi, Iam planning to overclock existing CPU if possible.Please go through my config and suggest: Proc: Intel C2D E6550 @ 2.33Ghz Mobo: Asus P5G41T-M LX RAM: G.Skill NT DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT) PSU: Corsair VX450 1) First of all i want to know if...
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