1. Zangetsu

    Mowgli Girl Rescued in Bahraich

    Eight-year-old girl found living with monkeys The 8-year-old girl was rescued by the police in Bahraich from a troop of monkeys. She can neither speak nor behave like normal human beings. She still eats directly from her mouth. While she has been trained to walk on her legs, at times she...
  2. Zangetsu

    Bengaluru girl identified 'bad boys', cops followed up with tech data

    The four youths arrested in the Kammanahalli molestation case had earned notoriety as the "bad boys" of the neighbourhood, riding roughshod over locals who questioned their high-handedness. And that's what helped police close in on them The first success came on Wednesday morning when a college...
  3. Cyberghost

    Quantum Break

    Time is Power in Quantum Break. Click ‘More’ to find out if your PC is powerful enough for Quantum Break. From Remedy Entertainment, the masters of cinematic action games such as Max Payne and Alan Wake, comes Quantum Break, a time-amplified suspenseful blockbuster. The Quantum Break...
  4. mikael_schiffer

    help How do i cure my flirting addiction

    Ok firstly, plz dont look at me as an *******. Instead, see me as a person who openly admits his bad qualities, something most guys dont admit. The thing with me is that....when i find some girl attractive, i just go after her..finally when she starts developing affection towards me, all my...
  5. Zangetsu

    Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone

    Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone as he forgets to turn off camera sync... source: Girl blogs photos of thief who stole her phone as he forgets to turn off camera sync n00b thief :lol:
  6. theserpent

    Yet another gang rape

    Delhi Repeats in Kasargod: Bantwal Girl Gang-raped Twice, One Held God please kill these people
  7. dan4u

    Two girls arrested for anti-Thackeray Facebook post

    Read More: 21-year-old girl held for Facebook post questioning Mumbai's 'Bal Thackeray shutdown' The original post stated "people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a 'bandh' for that"
  8. kool

    > How to update iPhone ? Suggest some good apps also... :)

    Hi guys, One girl over phone asked me how to update iPhone, I've never used iPhone so i don't have answer of this question. So any of u r using iPhone, kindly tell me the procedure to update so i can impress her :-D and also suggest me useful apps/games for 25 year old girl (she is totally...
  9. MetalheadGautham

    Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire

    Once or twice, you find news that'd make you scream TROLL. This one is COUNTER-TROLL :lol: Link: Allahabad girl beats eveteaser, sets his bike on fire |
  10. CommanderShawnzer

    TDF female users

    i know there are like 99% guys on TDF but there might be women on tdf too right?(i dont think the "tech geek girl" or the "gamer girl" exist on tdf.prove me wrong;-) ) note: this thread is just for interaction,to get to know tdf members better :-)
  11. Piyush

    Visual Novels thread

    I was so mesmerized by the Faun's recommendation "Katawa Shouju" , that I planned to open a dedicated thread for this. In this thread I'll try to stack as many as great VNs which I come across. Please note that I wont be sharing any download links unless there are free. source :Otaku Dan...
  12. Rahim

    Fourteen year old Chennai girl becomes world's youngest CEO

    Article : Fourteen year old Chennai girl becomes world's youngest CEO - Yahoo! India News Best of Wishes for her work :)
  13. damngoodman999

    DAMNGOODMAN fell in love !!

    It is strange that i fell in love but this is my first day (means i saw the girl for first time "LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT"), i was depressed that am doing this , i was working as trainer in a computer center i was teaching java to another girl by the time a girl came sit in my front and started...
  14. D

    What is Nityanand

    Source :- * If you are with one girl, then it's ANAND. If you are with 2 girls, it's MAHANAND. If you are with 3 girls, its PARAANAND. If you are with many girl, the it's NITYANAND
  15. T

    Student after being punished for Speaking in Mother Tongue attemp to Suicide

    * Guwahati: A Class 8 girl student of an English medium school in this Assam city Guwahati on Monday attempted suicide by jumping from the second floor of the institution, alleging humiliation and punishment by teachers for...
  16. abhijit_reddevil

    Girl set on fire after stealing Rs.1400

    PATNA: A 12-year-old girl was set on fire by her neighbour here after she allegedly stole Rs.1,400, police said on Friday. Priti Kumari, a student of Class 7 in a government school and daughter of a landless labourer, was set on fire Thursday at Chhoti Machuatoli area. A police officer said...
  17. Ecko

    Unable to attract even a single girl, frustrated man sues Axe

    Read More
  18. vamsi_krishna

    Problem with my cousin(Girl)

    well, i have only a few minutes... this is the situation.. Day before Yesterday: My cousin(girl) came to my house for her holidays. She found GTA:SA, GTA:VC on my pile of discs. And requested to install it. felling pity to her i insalled the game Yesterday: The girl is playing the...
  19. Disc_Junkie

    Girl refuses marriage, killed by lover

    SOURCE: *
  20. NucleusKore

    Siberian child 'raised by dogs'

    Source: * Russian officials have taken a five-year-old Siberian girl into care, saying that she had apparently been "brought up" by cats and dogs. The girl, who is unable to speak, was discovered living in a squalid flat in the Siberian city of...
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