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accidental delete


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i accidentally selected all the stuff in the downloads folder of my win 7 computer. as it seems nothing has been deleted, as i cancelled it when the "preparing to delete/recycle" box was on display. Now i cant remember whether it was shift+del or just del. I am worried that some stuff has been deleted. but it doesn't seem so. i am worried. i am sorry. but can someone tell me a way to check whether something has been deleted or not? is there some log or something in windows that keeps records of changes made to folders? please help.


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^^ there's no such way if you can't remember the folder contents or at-lesat the total size - next time use a sync/backup app and if you want you can scan the drive using Recuva - it will show all of your deletd files and if possible recover them.


Make sure you recover them as soon as possible[Recuva will be very easy for you. , plus its free]. Chances of recovery gets lesser on usage of HDD.
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