1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. B

    Certain sites don't open after hibernation.

    The OS is Win 8.1 x64. Since the past month, I am not able to open certain sites after I resume from hibernation. I first noticed it with Flipkart, lately I saw it with tenforums.com. There are also others sites that I come across during Google search which don't open. If I restart the computer...
  3. aal-ok

    Chrome problem

    I have win 7 installed on my laptop, whenever I switch it on and open chrome, It does not work :-x it opens but when i try opening google or fb or anything nothing happens, even the settings bookmarks or history tabs are not opening. so I have to log off and on and try to open chrome as quick...
  4. S

    auto log out

    Hi, I am using an tp-link TLWR740N wireless 150 mbps N router, I got a net connection from pmpl(meghbela) broadband over static IP and I have to authenticate via their web portal. I have set up the static IP, DNS, Gateway,Subnet Mask on my router, and also successfully set the connection...
  5. sohan_92

    HDD issue and Query

    Hi. First of all I want to make clear that my laptop battery is not good enough to provide more than 20 minutes power backup.So,today I forgot to plug again my charger after electricity came back (usually there is no power cut in our area). Before I realized, the laptop got shut down without any...
  6. S

    Help memmory dump error

    I am getting memmory dump error everytime PC restarts. I barely managed to log in. Any1 knows how to fix it.
  7. ITTechPerson

    broadband by cable operator - login application not working

    Myself is using a broadband service provided by local cable operator at Siliguri (Cyberoamclient). log in application is not working everyday when I try to run it for the 1st time. If I connect a data card to my laptop, the application runs !!! I have checked in task manager - if I set...
  8. V

    Google looks to replace passwords with ID rings and USB keys

    Source : Thinkdigit
  9. Prongs298

    accidental delete

    i accidentally selected all the stuff in the downloads folder of my win 7 computer. as it seems nothing has been deleted, as i cancelled it when the "preparing to delete/recycle" box was on display. Now i cant remember whether it was shift+del or just del. I am worried that some stuff has been...
  10. Kev.Ved

    Remedy for call/message log missing in Samsung smartphones

    In case you are using a Samsung smartphone and find that the entire call/message is gone missing then follow these steps: 1. Synchronize the phone with your PC/Laptop using Samsung Kies software 2. Backup the log 3. Restore the backup to the phone The log should appear. Common...
  11. M

    Not able to log in to my computer

    I have a 64-bit computer with Win 7. My computer was always set to an auto log in without the need for password. Yesterday I tried to increase the size of the C drive after which it started showing me 2 options Admin and User when I logged in, but when I clicked on either it logged me in without...
  12. koolent

    AMD Display driver not installing [Solved]

    Well, I got a new MSi HD6770 MD1GD5 and Corsair CX430 v2 and I installed them. Now, 1. Connected the VGA Cable to the GPU. 2. Started the PC. 3. After booting in 800x600 resolution, inserted the driver Disk. 4. When I tried to install stuff, the Display Driver did not install. when I...
  13. IronCruz

    Google Chrome Fault?

    Hello guys. When i try to open Google Chrome, taskbar doesn't work. Wait symbol comes, and whole system gets freeze. But chrome will be running properly. I can browse any website in chrome. Then i must either Log Off or Shut Down. I use Genuine Windows 7 HP on my Dell N5030. Please solvemy problem!
  14. D

    Problem with Firefox and Chrome

    I can log in to BSNL Portal from IE8 and Firefox latest version but attempt to log in through chrome shows time out message from the portal. Earlier I was able to connect through chrome. I uninstalled chrome several times and re-installed it but the problem remains. With firefox I was able to...
  15. H

    unable to install services, acess denied

    Dear Friends, i was trying to install user mode framework, in which i got access denied error. I gone through log file and found its unable to install services. log file and if file are attached. Mine is a network laptop and i have all the rights requires to update system. Do i need any...
  16. D

    Computer's Desktop Video Recording !!

    Hello! Friend this my first Question? I have to log my desktop computing , which software i use to record my desktop? Thank you!
  17. S

    Problem in syncing and signing of google account in dellxcd35

    hi, yesterday when i logged in to my gmail account in the above just below the address bar i found a writing that "your google account has been recently logged in from hungary" where as i live in odisha in india.then there was a option to logout all your sessions from every where i clicked that...
  18. akash22

    remove user lock

    guys when i download huge amount of data and keep my pc untouched it automatically goes black screen and when i press any key or move my mouse then i see that my pc is locked and i need to log in again. but my problem arises when this thing happens after i log in again it shows my internet...
  19. hansraj

    Two querries- Disabling storage devices & monitoring user logon/logoff timings

    Hello friends, I am trying to find a method where in I can use only specific pendrive/storage devices on my office pcs. While doing so, the account has to be an administrator account as well because those specific pendrive/storage devices have to be formatted routinely. As a...
  20. heartripple

    Quartine log files seems to be corrupted...?

    Quarantine log files seems to be corrupted...? Hey guys.... There is one pc at my brother's office and for last one month its been infected with Auto.it virus....tried many things but not enough...they are using Quick Heal Total Security Genuine copy..... today he faced a problem...
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