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  1. A

    Deleting contacts in googlecontacts-old or new

    How can i do this.am using a android lollipop mobile.contacts synced but once deleted come back againplease help
  2. B

    Pen Drive acting weird

    Hi Guys, We have a 7-8 year old pendrive. We have scanned it in different computers using different anti-viruses and it's clean everytime. Whenever we copy some data and try to open it in a different system "most" of the times and "many" of the folders show this kinda crap instead of the data...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Recovery of Deleted Partition

    Hi friends I am having a 1TB seagate internal HDD which is nearly 4 years old and was working fine till now. But in the last few months two of my partitions got deleted automatically and became unallocated. The partition size was nearly 225 gb in each of them. These 2 partitions were...
  4. B

    How to retrieve deleted movies from hard disk?

    A few of my old movies were deleted from one of the partitions of my hard disk. Is there any way of retrieving them as these editions are no longer available?
  5. S

    Recovering file types having custom extensions

    hi can anyone suggest me a software to recover my deleted files from my sdcard having extensions like ".a", ".tar", ".obb" I accidentally deleted them and now i want to recover them back so can anyone suggest a software to recover them without any error Pls reply
  6. ajayritik

    Best software to recover deleted files

    I recently deleted some back up of my mobile which includes some important videos and Photos. Is there any reliable software which can help me recover this?
  7. RBX

    IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses

    IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses IITs, Google & Nasscom launch "Job Ready" online courses - Internet | ThinkDigit News Is it a good idea to enroll for this course? A certification would be nice, but it also seems that assignments have to be submitted at the end of...
  8. A

    Galaxy Note 2 cover

  9. S

    xolo q 800 ph. no deleted automatically

    I bought Xolo q800 1month back.It is performing beautifully but only prob is that I am loosing my imp phone nos every day.Even if I saved again it gets deleted after 1/2 days.I don't know wheather it is a software prob or I have done some wrong setting or synchronising wrongly(though I stopped...
  10. hari1

    Values not getting deleted in localStorage

    I am learning how to make a todo app using localStorage. I am making this app using Blackberry 10 jQuery Mobile theme. The problem is that sometimes the items in localStorage do not get deleted. See the JSFiddle here Get the Backberry jQuery theme files here: Javascript CSS Steps to...
  11. S

    Quick Heal deleting activators

    Hello everyone, I have a collection of software's with activators and keygens in my hdd. I had Kaspersky Internet Security installed and all the files were intact. Few days back It got expired so I purchased Quick Heal Total Security and after installation it deleted all...
  12. A

    Affected by virus

    A virus has affected my system files. Each drive in my PC now contains RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information folders that neither can be deleted nor can be accessed. I know that these are not exactly viruses. These folders are already present. Other than these some album arts are displayed...
  13. amalmishra@rocketmail.com

    Didnt Uninstalled Properly!!! So Now Cant Install Again!! :(

    Few Days Ago I installed gears of war on my laptop but accidently deleted it without uninstalling now when try to install it again it starts uninstall wizard and i not able to install it!!! Help!!!:|:cry:
  14. stellar

    Google Chrome Browser Startup

    My chrome browser start up has been changed by some other search engine" Fast bar". I deleted in the settings and put google as default, but still the same search engine pops up as the default start up.From where can i deleted that and make as it was before.
  15. R

    ipod jailbreak problems

    i jailbroke my itouch 4g ios 6.0.1 tethered and then converted it to untethered using evasi0n package but then going throught the list of packages i deleted a package which deleted cydia. i tried to put cydia.deb in the ipod didn't work, the terminal apt-get install cydia method - didn't work i...
  16. R

    Software for Deleting a folder

    I had once made a backup of WIndows on my PC. Now I want to delete that folder but it can't be deleted as it is system files (as said by PC). Pls tell a software to delete it.
  17. Prongs298

    accidental delete

    i accidentally selected all the stuff in the downloads folder of my win 7 computer. as it seems nothing has been deleted, as i cancelled it when the "preparing to delete/recycle" box was on display. Now i cant remember whether it was shift+del or just del. I am worried that some stuff has been...
  18. gagan_kumar

    Merry christmas everyone!!!

    As I don't want that every thread in the forum us flooded with merry christmas post... I am creating a new thread which can b easily deleted afterwards... Just wanted to wish everyone merry christmas .... No other specific purposes....
  19. ghantaukay

    kaspersky over reacting

    I had been using Norton antivirus for several years. Now I have switched to Kaspersky.I now am plagued by BSODs and my browsing history gets deleted everytime I restart. Why is this? Can anyone tell me how I can stop this delete history action that comes up everytime I start my pc? I dont want...
  20. R

    Sms retrieving

    I accidently deleted an important sms from my samsung star duos b7722 on bada os.Is there any software to retrieve the deleted sms? Sent from galaxy s3
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