10 Amazing facts about INDIA

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I just found this in facebook.
Just want to share to you all guys...



India has the cheapest cell phone plans in the world..
and dont forget, India has Sachin Tendulkar :D

But then I remember, the rape cases, the violent murders, the superstitions and the corruption and crime and my mood goes D:


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"Facts" number 1 through 9 simply reinforce the belief that if you want to be successful and recognized in your area of expertise, you need to quit this country pronto.


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All those amazing people and look at the pathetic condition of our nation. Thats the most amazing fact


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What do you mean by above?

Means that these facts with those numbers have been floating around the internet for at least 7 years and hence they might not be true anymore. I remember reading this very same thing in some article / magazine when I was relatively younger (maybe 7 years ago. I don't remember exactly).

And about point #2, I don't think its a fact anymore. Isn't it Gmail now? If it is, then it proves that either this was made up or is old as my grandma.


Fact #2 is false. Most people use gmail now-a-days.

Also, if a smartphone/tablet/phablet can be considered as computer, then surely fact #1 is massive fail.


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Fact number 3-9 are not true at all.

Fact 10 is true.

The original Pentium at any point of time was never in 90% of the computers worldwide.
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