1. nomad47

    Nexus 6P unboxing

    So I decided to join the Flagship Bandwagon and got myself a Nexus 6P. I will post a detailed review later. Posting some unboxing pics. Initial impressions: Blazing fast phone with a superb although a bit over saturated display. The camera is amazing and the phone feels sturdy and premium in...
  2. Nerevarine

    Divinity Original Sin

    Just started playing this game, I m surprised there isnt a thread about this already.. Game is amazing, finally a proper sequel to the original Divine Divinity.. I was initially put off by the turn based combat but its so amazing and intuitive and this is one of the only games that reward...
  3. P

    Open World IOS/ANDROID games

    okay,i was looking through making some other thread ,then i decided to make a thread especifically to satisfy your age old open world gta styled CRaZe. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Here are they if you find any other game please write below and i will add it up! GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San...
  4. bssunilreddy

    10 Amazing facts about INDIA

    Hai, I just found this in facebook. Just want to share to you all guys...
  5. theserpent

    Dhoom 3-The most awaited bollywood movie of the year

    The trailer is out, and it's looks AMAZING
  6. J

    Murdered - Game discussion

    Saw this trailer of this new game called Murdered. Looks amazing :D
  7. Vyom

    Get BTTF on Humble Bundle Weekly!! :D (Also Walking Dead)

    Apologies for creating this thread. But I need to spread the word! One of the amazing thing have just happened! Back To The Future, the most awesome Time Travel movie's game have just been landed on Humble Bundle Weekly sale! And you can get the DRM free game for as low as $1 along...
  8. ratul

    Who all are excited for this TPB movie?

    I am, and definitely gonna watch this, after all it'll be free.. :mrgreen::wink: From the trailer, I think this Piratebay documentry can be the next "social network", or "pirates of silicon valley", as it definitely looks amazing.. :twisted: What...
  9. S

    Lumia 920 video quality sample..amazing and beats pretty much any other phone

    here's a video sample of a concert recorded on the lumia 920. Got to admit that the camera on this phone is indeed amazing. read the full article here. also check this concert recorded with 920 and the same with the iphone
  10. nick191

    Your Favorite GAMES of ALL TIME ?[GAME THREAD]

    Mine fav. game is Series of NFS (expect,Shift and Shift 2 and UC)(HP is best ever) Dues Ex : HR (All time Fav. amazing just try it) Crysis series Resident Evil 4 and 5
  11. ankit.kumar010203

    Thread About Android MK802 Mini PC....!! How Is That Amazing Product????:razz::razz:
  12. L

    Must have Apps for Android

    Hey All, I own an Android Galaxy Y. I have packed it up with a lot of apps.Sleep As Android aap alarm clock that uses motion sensing to monitor the quality of your sleep.Little Photo adds funky effects to your photographs. Its insanely popular and free.A new app called WeChat is also an...
  13. tusharkeshri

    HP DV6 6165 tx Review

    Its already more than 7 days of my DV6 model so i thought to start the review of this laptop. Pros: 1. Amazing graphics and processor,with i-7 processor and AMD Raedon Graphics throw any game at it ,it will give u amazing experience. currently playing Crysis 2 in it. I daily play...
  14. A

    Need TV LED/Plasma under 45 k in mumbai

    Hi guys, Needed TV which will have big screen size(preferably 40) and better response time (not like LCD). Even if there 32 inch TV with amazing quality ,suggest me. I don't want any wi-fi or internet connectivity nor with skype.But please quality has to be damn good. Plz suggest me.
  15. T

    Python help needed

    I'm a student of computer engineering, and during the summer holidays I'm thinking of learning Python. I already know C and C++, and Python just seems nice and refreshing. I already have Java next year, so not doing that now. So my query is what would be the best book to get for Python? I...
  16. D

    have you guys seen iron baby?

    take a look at iron baby here- IRON BABY Please watch in 1080p.....its really amazing.
  17. JojoTheDragon

    Make Funny Pics with Photofunia

    I just learned about this cool site, from a friend of mine in Orkut. With it you can create amazing and funny photos. I used some of the edits to make some funny and embarrassing photos. Try it out.
  18. bhushan2k

    Download amazing high-resolution Christmas wallpapers

  19. M

    HA HA HA... Amazing Answers.... :D

    You will Like Them all
  20. max_demon

    Visual Force Feedback and other cool cursur stuff This is amazing i liked the cursur bug
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