1. avinandan012

    to my fello digitian new fathers

    Don't let you child be one these dumbs.
  2. bssunilreddy

    10 Amazing facts about INDIA

    Hai, I just found this in facebook. Just want to share to you all guys...
  3. vandit

    facts 45 nm core transistors..

    *www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/45nm/Intel45nmFunFacts_FINAL.pdf .... amazing..
  4. phuchungbhutia


    FACTS TO MAKE EVERY Indian PROUD Q. Who is the GM of Hewlett Packard (hp) ? A. Rajiv Gupta Q. Who is the creator of Pentium chip (needs no introduction as 90% of the today's computers run on it)? A. Vinod Dahm Q. Who is the third richest man on the world? A...
  5. H

    390watt UPS(APC) but 620watt power supply

    My brother has a 390watt UPS(APC) 650VA but a HX620W 620 watt power supply.Will it cause any problems. Waiting for suggestions Still waiting.I think people generally neglect such facts about mismatch of PSU wattage delivered at usage by pc and that by the UPS.
  6. Gigacore

    7 things you should know about Wikipedia

    Read this article to know some facts about wikipedia Read
  7. paragkalra

    Interesting Facts on Linux?

    Hi folks....I wanted to know some interesting facts about Linux.....Actually I am presenting a paper on Linux in which I want to add these facts....I want to know practical facts...like places, companies and sites where Linux is being used....also the applications in which linux is being...
  8. Vishal Gupta

    DID YOU KNOW? Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups

    Guys! As u all know Vista is out and I'm using it since many months. :D So in this period I hv found lots of interesting things, a few of them can be called goof-ups. I. hv posted about such interesting facts here: *www.askvg.com/interesting-facts-bugs-and-goof-ups-in-windows-vista/
  9. freebird

    Are YOu a Friend of GNOME :(

    GNOME users,pls have time to read this article. read more @slashdot: *slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=35683&cid=3853749 i dont want to start any flame wars.mod can remove this post if it does.i sincerely want to make known FOSS users few simple facts.
  10. max_demon

    Some Interesting facts about cell phones

    Go To *demonm.blogspot.com/2007/07/some-interesting-facts-about-cell.html
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