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  1. A

    Win XP or Vista?

    Guys, I have a question. I am deciding to buy a licensed copy of an os. But I am confused. Should I go for xp or vista? I am on a pentium dual core with 1 gb ddr2. But hardware is not a problem. I can upgrade anytime. I want the answer in the software point of view. If xp is going to be...
  2. R

    graphics card and monitor for sale

    i hav iyr old and working BIG 7600GS....so wanna sell it.. it is factory overclocked and performs brilliantly with high resolutions with a good eye candy.. i want to go for 8800gts so selling this card it has 2 yrs warranty still left....since it is only 1yr old i also have a samsung...
  3. T

    sugest laptop in 45-55K range

    some important requirements screen size > 14.5 inch must be able to run the best OS ie linux ( bole toh no ATI graphix card bakwas) preferable nvidia graphix card with dedicated and not shared memory (IF possible) intel core duo or core 2duo extra points given if webcam and tv tuner there...
  4. H

    How long does Inverter Battery Last ?

    Inverter's ehhh? now this is giving me headache and will burn my pocket. Now last week this same day my Sukam- 1400va double powered battery just stop delivering power and started beeping litting up a red led. A gaseous poisonous smokey odour followed. Okay now what do i do ? warranty period...
  5. D

    intel P4 2.4 Ghz for 1900/-

    I want to sell my p4 processor(2 yrs old) for rs 1900/- u can contact me at 9410678788
  6. Tech Geek


    Amitabh Bachchan is not the host of KBC anymore. Now it is Shahrukh khan:D .It is going to start from January. It is a 5 Yrs contract.
  7. S

    PS2 or graphic card for PC

    Hello, I have a budget of 8k . Which is better for now ? PS2 or graphics card for a PC ? I have a p4 3Ghz 1024mb DDR333 . and 915 chipset mobo . I dont think ps2 will get outdated in 2 yrs. What do you say ? Which is the better choice ?
  8. C

    content filter

    Hi My children wants to use the net for browsing school websites, they are very young 4-8 yrs old. how can I protect them from porn/abuses. thanx system is PIII 667, 512 MB Ram.
  9. n2casey

    Want to know the name of game

    I palyed my first game on friend's PC. Might be 6-7 yrs. before. That time my friend was not knowing much about computers & myself too was new for computers. So both of us don't remember the name of that game. It was a car racing game. When game starts, a car of black color is shown. Weather...
  10. Official Techie

    a game

    is there any game which is based on car racing but actuallyur car has many missiles, speed boosters and guns there was a game breakneck many yrs ago i wnt to ask is there any such game now
  11. santu_29

    ignou mca

    What is the value of ignou mca ? What is its market value ? I heard that most of the top-level it companies put aside the resume of a person having mca degree from ignou. that is, they don't even take the interview of ignou persons. Is it true ? or what's the logic behind this ? Even those who...
  12. urvish_acharya

    Which DVD writer to buy

    hi, many DVD writer is available in the market... i want to buy the best one..can anyone suggest?? i've heard tha DVD writer of MSI comes with 3 yrs warranty..if it so is it worth buying that??
  13. abhijit_reddevil

    Graphics card, mobo, RAM, processor and cabinet for sale

    Friends, I am selling the following items: Mobo: Asrock P4i45GV (2 yrs old) Graphics card: XFX Geforce FX 5200 128MB (2 yrs old) Processor: Pentium 4 1.7Ghz (3 1/2 yrs old) Socket 478 RAM: 512MB DDR 266Mhz RAM (2 X 256MB) (2 yrs old) Some of the games I used to play on this rig...
  14. H

    read aloud software

    there was a software given by digit few years ago ( at least 3 yrs ago ) which can read aloud any text . But now I forgot which yrs' which month it was given . But I need the same software . Its advantage was it can read any amount ...like u can read aloud a total ebook . it was a demo ...
  15. RCuber

    Annual Maintainance Contract - is it useful?

    My pc is 1 yr and 3 months old. When i bought the PC the vendor gave me a 1 yr onsite waranty. I had two problems in that year one was with a CD drive which he replaced after a few weeks and another was a problem with UPS the battery was replaced. Now my pc's components has these waranties...
  16. C

    Zebronics 6600GT or BIG 6600GT??

    Hi all, I am buying a graphics card and have fixed on to these two things : - A zebronics 6600GT or a BIG 6600GT. Both 128 bit 128MB cards. Zebronics I am getting at 11.5k and BIG at 10.5k. Zebronics has 2 yrs wtty and BIG has 3 yrs wtty. Now which one should I buy? I have never heard of...
  17. club_pranay

    Cellphone For my dad

    my dad is planning to upgrade his cellphone to a better model. till now he had 5110(for 6 yrs) and after that 3315(for 3 yrs) so what he requires is a Stable, Easy to use handset. and to keep up with the technology.. 1. he needs to have a internet connection on his Laptop(may be thru GRPS...
  18. C

    Telephone on your PC system !

    Hi, Anybody here uses his phone (landline) via the PC (thru the modem or any other way...) This I assume would help in 2 things I want to do: a. Recording direct on HDD b. Screening & saving incoming nos. via CID Have tried it many yrs. before but back then CID software could not...
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