1. T

    Need internal hard drive 1tb

    I want to buy hdd 1 tb around 4k. I saw great deals on md computers. Price apart which gives better long term reliability. Seagate or wd? Also which has good and sensible customer care of two. I live in jharkhand. So nearest Metro is Kolkata. Please reply at earliest. I would do heavy gaming. I...
  2. V

    GPU Dead.. Pls help which one to buy..

    Hi Guys, So, after serving me for over 2 yrs, my Sapphire 7850 2GB -Dual just stopped working not giving any display. Not even POST. Tried 3 different monitors, DVI-D, HDMI, same issue not getting any display at all which made me believe it's dead. I checked the card for any physical damage...
  3. dashang

    path for career progression in IT / software field

    Hello, i am software developer in asp.net with 1.2 yrs of experience. I want to progress more and on later years i want to be on management side in 7-10 yrs (project manager, operations manager,CIO). what should i do ?
  4. swiftshashi

    Confused in a situation,Please help me out of this............

    I own a January 2013 S3 32GB white, with 2 Yrs warranty plan. Listed it on Quikr just for the sake of it,and I wished to know the resale value of my mobile..In the hindsight,I sold my dad's S3 16GB for 16k on Quikr just a few days back!! What surprised me was that numerous people were...
  5. M

    Corsair psu series

    Hi Guys i have seen may psu series from corsair from cx, tx, hx, rm, ax , axi A- series digital and platinum plus 7 yrs rm-quiet series & modular-5yrs hx, - modular gold rated-5yrs cx,- value series cs-modular value series gs- gaming series But the point here is what ever warranty it...
  6. V

    Help me choosing best 1TB hard disk!

    i want to buy 1TB hard disk next month but i m little confused. so here it goes- 1)Should i consider buying used one from Bazaar section here or Erodov or from OLX.in? If yes what would be the best price to buy and what test should i do to know if it will last? 2)Which company- WD(2 yrs...
  7. K

    Can i get a job after 4 years of education gap?

    Hello,I am a guy.I am 20 yrs old.. I did my 10th in 2008 with 79% and 12th in 2010 with 60%.. All problems started after this.. I joined engineering in 2010,Branch E&C. I passed 1st year somehow. 2nd yr i got total 9kts and one more yr wasted trying to clear them.I dropped out this year.. So...
  8. S

    Can hard drives be damaged by some malware?

    bout 15 days ago the hard drive of my desktop crashed (it was round 9 yrs old) . I dont that machine personally (and its is a OLD machine) so dont know if any syntom was visable. OS win7 32 bit For the last couple of months my HP Dv6165 (1.5 yrs old) was some times freezing up during use...
  9. H

    TCS or Accenture for Sharepoint

    Hi Recently i have got selected in both TCS as well as Accenture. I m confuse which company to join ,Packages offer are almost same. Which Company either of two has more Sharepoint Growth i have 2.2 yrs exp in Sharepoint
  10. F

    Questions for a Gaming Laptop

    Hey guys this is my first post after many days of searching the forum as a guest :). I have some questions I will be adding to the standard questionaire, which i have'nt found answers to yet. This is my first foray into a laptop, so please be gentle with my noob questions :) 1) What is your...
  11. Arnab boss

    need a 5.1 ch speakers for this rig..!!

    hi guys... i hav been using creative inspire 5.1 ch for 4 yrs..now i need to get a new one in its place....!!! my budget is arnd 8k but can stress max 10k....use will b mainly gaming watching movies and all kinds of music...!! wiil b buying nxt week and also wont change it...
  12. Arnab boss

    new gamming rig build..!!!!!

    hi..,my rig is 2 yrs old and ow i feel to upgrade to a new one...!! i wiilll b only keeping psu,monitor,hdds and wireless keyboard and mouse from my current rig..!! now i m confused to which proccy to choose...amd or intel...?? i hav been using amd for 2 yrs without any problems..so...
  13. A

    any brand matching the performance of IBM laptops!!!!

    having a ibm r51 laptop since 8 yrs and still in good condition. Bought dell lattitude PP17L and lenevo y300 series in between this period which lasted for 3 yrs max. These laptops dell and lenevo inspite of having 1 GB ram and 120 GB hard disk got hanged many times and got crashed in 3 yrs...
  14. E

    which brand HD7770 ?

    Hi All This would be my first post here. I have gone through some of the stickies on this forum. I have almost decided on getting an HD7770. Need your inputs on which brand. My system is a bit old now ~5yrs cpu - E6750 mobo - Intel DG33FB ram - 4gig ddr2 previous gpu - xfx Geforce...
  15. Darth Vader

    Seagate Freeagent 3.5inch 1TB External HD (White)

    1. Model number and details: Seagate FreeAgent 1TB 3.5inch External Harddisk 2. Date of purchase: 2 yrs ago 3. Reason for sale: Going for 2TB. 4. Warranty details: Until Nov-2014 (2 yrs) 5. Expected Price: Rs 3,000/ (Price reduced,Non-negotiable !!!) 6. Location of Seller: Chennai, Tamil Nadu...
  16. coolest111

    Xperia Arc S

    I am getting Xperia Arc S For 24k....will it suffice for next 1-1.5 yrs..any other suggestions for 24k....?
  17. G

    Suggestion needed to buy a LED tv

    I need to buy a 32 inch led tv. My budget is 40k .I'd shortlisted sony kdl-ex520 as sony is the most selling LED tv brand.Also I need that the Tv I buy should last atleast 7-8 yrs. So,please give your opinions whether I should go for it or is there any other option....
  18. koolent

    RAM timing problems..

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra and I have a 2 GB DDR2 RAM Stick, I have decided to buy one more 2GB DDR3 Module and I were wondering whether the timing will cause problems.. Please tell me how can math the timings of both the RAM Modules ? I have to use the computer for 2 Yrs - 4 Yrs (depends)...
  19. M

    Need to choose a UPS

    hello fellas, was thinking of buying a 800 va UPS . Some shop keepers told me that Luminous is a good brand offering 2 yrs on site warranty including the battery. What do u guys think .
  20. mithun_mrg

    Msi P43 Neo MB & XFX 8600GT

    1. *Model number and details: MSI P43 NEO 2. *Date of purchase:August 2009 3. Reason for sale:Last Hardware Left off my old c2d system 4. Warranty details:Not sure i think it carries 3 yrs 5. *Expected Price:2.5K 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM MSI Global – Mainboard - P43 Neo...
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