Telephone on your PC system !

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Anybody here uses his phone (landline) via the PC (thru the modem or any other way...)

This I assume would help in 2 things I want to do:
a. Recording direct on HDD
b. Screening & saving incoming nos. via CID

Have tried it many yrs. before but back then CID software could not detect the nos. (not compatible with what MTNL provided)

Just seeing if anyone has tried this lately and have succeeded at it.
Thanks !


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I have tried and still trying, what you have tried all these years.

But the technology what our telephone exchanges use is different than what our modem can understand.

So because of that you can't use certain services such as Caller-Id.

But u can use software combined with your Speaker-Phone enabled modem to record. And I have suceeded in recording and using PC to make phone calls as a normal phone. These softwares are called as callcenter software. Do a google and you will get a big list.

But caller-id forget it. But still try, maybe MTNL might use a compatible equipment.

PS: My dad is in BSNL and I have tried a lot referring the technical documents and manuals of the equipments.

All the best.


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Thanks for the reply.....
Could you PM me or tell us which software you are using?
Some hrs ago, I downloaded quite a few...... but before I try them all, if you can recommend something you use as good, maybe I'll try just that...

Do let us know if what you use requires an external modem (with speaker phone) or an internal modem will also do.... !

As far as the CID goes, I'll go by your word, and forget that it can work here : ) (for now...)
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