What 20 Years Mean to Technology Journalism, MUST READ


Wise Old Owl
I believe at some point of time, everyone needs to read this. I mention this read specially to ThinkDigit group, all its former and current members, admins, mods, people who have put efforts and time in their lives to congregate a group of curious minds into a tech forum that has lived through years. The article is priceless, with links to some of the greatest tech moments in the history, dating all the way to back to 1996-1997.

"I find it amusing that I am sitting here, wondering why I am only able to list so few items. I attended so many launch events and yet none really stuck in memory. It shows how transient computer hardware happens to be, and how most supposedly big advances turned out being reasonably meaningless in the end...."

--Thomas Pabst, Founder Tom's Hardware

Full Read : Tom's Hardware 20th Anniversary: Retrospective With The Editors-in-Chie
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