1. flyingcow

    NZXT Guardian 921 vs. CM HAF 912 w/ SP

    Guys please tell me which one should I get, the NZXT 921 or the CM HAF 912 with side panel. The difference is only 300 rs. ( HAF 912- 4600 NZXT 921-4900 Please help me decide, my budget is 4k And yeah, please tell why one is better than other. Thank you other components...
  2. T

    Need Help For making a Gaming pc

    my budget is nearly round 20thousand First here are my few questions- 1.I have a 14 inch lcd monitor.I'm planning to reuse it.It supports 1024x768.Can all the latest games be played on the screen? 2.I have a ATA hdd.. can i reuse it? And yeah no need of optical drive.I've got one...
  3. Harivel

    |Century of Centuries| Master Blaster 100*

    Sachin Tendulkar has scored his 100th international century, in India's Asia Cup ODI against Bangladesh in Mirpur. The unprecedented landmark was achieved after 33 international innings without a hundred. It was Tendulkar's 49th ODI century, his first against Bangladesh, to go with his 51 Test...
  4. TheLetterD

    In-Ear earphones under 1K!

    Hey I need good in ear earphones under 1K. I wanna Use them with my phone/iPod , I listen to Hip Hop and Jazz. So I want good Bass and Good Treble . Cannot extend my budget! And Yeah! Im on the move a lot so Ill be using them when I watch Movies on my ipad! Thanks in advance! :mrgreen:
  5. TheLetterD

    Need Wireless Headphones Under 4K

    Sup guys. So I need good WIRELESS headphones to watch movies on my tv and listen to music. Which fully COVER my ears (Thats called circumaural right? yeah yeah, I knoww i knowww :noob: alert) Budget : 4K rs MAX 4.5 Any suggestions? Are Sennheiser RS 110 good? Can anyone please Answer my...
  6. borax12

    post your gaming gaming setup and desktop

    hey thought of starting this thread here about the gaming setups that you own ,thee basic desk setup that you use.....its here you get to brag about lets get started(and yeah thought of also posting my desktop screenshot)so yeah heres mine,.... you can also post you video links or...
  7. IronManForever

    Is it okay to buy Acer 4520? In Siliguri?

    Acer 4520 has performed well in the market since it was released. AMD Turion 64 X2 1.7GHz~1.9 Ghz, 1~2GB RAM, nVidia 610M , 7000M GFx. 160GB HDD, 8x DVD Burner (Dual Layer), Card Reader. WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared. Webcam. etcetera ... We rarely get such a complete package in the Laptop...
  8. H

    Crossover, anyone?

    It seems it's a one day offer. Crossover for free. (If you don'tknow what it is , you don't need it) * (yeah, I got there a bit late).
  9. gxsaurav

    Need Help, going back to Bangalore

    Well, it seems my days in Delhi over now. I have got a high paying job in Bangalore in Sourcebits Technologies for UI & UX designing. I will be designing UI for Apple Mac & iPhone applications :-D (yeah yeah, making the enemy look good). My Office is in Rajaji Nagar, anyone familier with this...
  10. Cool G5

    A Conversation between Windows user & FOSS user( MUST READ)

    A : I would like to ask you a simple question, you are a MS or OSS supporter? B : Frankly speaking, I am not any of them. A : That's a very diplomatic answer. Still I feel, you have a soft corner for MS. B : I still think that OSS is still not up to the mark, to have a really good and...
  11. A

    Need help in upgrading my PC

    I got the splinter cell games and realised i needed to upgrade my PC ( dont even have a graphics card ;-) ) to a point where i can play MGS4 and even Crysis, Assassin' Creed atleast on medium settings. I'm not looking at anything high end but something budgeted My current config LG 15" monitor...
  12. iMav

    MS plans $3 Windows & Office Suite

    I was reading a blog which was talking about a exec who planned o retire sometime soon, he was heading the - Unlimited Potential Group, now 1 of the projects that this group is carrying out is the $3 Windows and Office suite which will be offered through government-subsidized PC programs, this...
  13. ray|raven

    Cowon iAudio T2.

    Do we get this in India? If yeah could someone tell me the price? Thanx, ray

    Help Me Assemble Pc For 1000£

    HI GUYS AM PLANNING TO ASSEMBLE A NEW COMP FOR MY SELF...... WITH A VERY GOOD BUDGET FROM MY SIS ~~ 1000£ WHICH IS AT MY ACCOUNT NOW WAITING FOR U GUYS TO HELP ME OUT TO BUY . I need a lot of firepower here, so yeah... At LEAST 2-3gb ram, A good motherboard, VERY...
  15. pritish_kul2

    wht should i buy fr b'day in 1500

    Reference to my thread * for my birthday gift for Rs. 1500. NO! MP3,MP4,CAMERA,MOBILE,LAPTOP PLEASE I wanted to know from @ring_wraith that what all materials would i require and how did a flying hippo come into the topic? And yeah guys,i...
  16. °

    Mobile phones for Youth: A necessity or Style statement?

    Well yeah that's the topic. I for one think that it is a necessity as 'we' can stay in touch with our family and friends when alone. It even teaches us the basics of money management. But some people say they are harmful to health. I guess there is some negative point in everything. Style...
  17. iMav

    GPS unit for car

    hey guys my couz wants to buy a gps unit, how good are they in india, which brand, what features any ideas:?: PS: yeah im bragging abt my couz but FYI the cars are beamers & accords
  18. H

    Does TATA Broadband suck?!

    I'm planning to replace my current shitty ISP @ 256 unlimited and TaTa Indicom is on my mind. But I've read a lot of bad user reviews of it. Not to say I haven't read about others also.. What do users here think? Don't tell me to search the forum, I want the current perspective (..after that...
  19. H

    Its illegal to rip (purchased) Cd's: RIAA

    * * * Yeah sure RIAA, you...
  20. R

    Help me in upgrading my PC!

    Hi. I've a budget of around 9000-10000 Rs and I want to upgrade my PC. I want to get a new Motherboard+ intel Core 2 duo and a 80GB/160GB sata 2nd HDD.I'm not into gaming and require a good PC ( performancewise) after upgrade! please tell me which motherboard/HDD should I buy? And yeah one more...
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