1. P

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for 30k

    Hi, The Xperia Z1 compact is under 30k on flipkart. But since it's a year old now and there probably could be new launches in the next 2 months, is it still worth buying for 30k? Or is the Xperia ZR a better value for money at 20k? Thanks.
  2. Chetan1991

    Should I wait for Mi4 or not?

    Xiaomi has announced the Mi4 and it expected to be launched in Q3. I like its design much more than the Mi3's, but apart from that is its 801 processor and 3GB RAM going to make enough of a difference to justify the wait and extra price? I am considering selling my Xperia SP for the Mi3...
  3. Charley

    Mobiles below 25,000

    I think the best phones in 25k and below after doing my research are 1. Sony Xperia T2 2. HTC 816 Please advise. And if you have suggestion post them.
  4. A

    How much i can get on old Xperia E

    How much i can get on my rooted old Xperia E.It is one year old.I bought it in 8500/-.It is still under warranty.I have it's original bill and box.The phone's condition is also good.It's now market price is 6000/- You can play Modern Combat,GTA 3 in it without rooting.I have never tried other...
  5. S

    Moto G or Xperia C

    Please suggest a phone among Xperia C and Moto G.
  6. Akintex

    Moto E vs Xperia M which is better to buy

    Moto E vs Xperia M which is better i need some info - which has good display viewing angle and best color - which camera will give best result in image capturing with like text document barcode etc
  7. A

    Questions about Xperia ZR.

    Xperia ZR is now available at 20K at flipkart.Is it's price has came down in market.Is sony has stopped the production of Sony Xperia ZR.I have bought Sony Xperia SP last month at 17.5K.and I am getting a offer of 16K for it.So should i buy ZR by selling SP. I will buy new mobile next year.Is...
  8. Jim Kirk

    need to purchase a mobile - please suggest good one

    Hi I am planning to buy a new mobile within the price range of 18-20k My requirements are : First and foremost = OTG Support must be there atleast 5" screen ( will be good if it comes with gorilla glass) good sound output call quality I am having my eye on Xperia C, Galaxy grand 2...
  9. K

    Lag on Xperia sp

    Hey guys. I have a problem. As the title suggests, I get some frequent lags over my recent mobile (bought a week ago) Xperia sp. I don't use much apps and I use only some basic apps like Facebook, mail, and little gaming. It takes a hell out of time to open apps and is irritating. Iam not yet...
  10. Chetan1991

    Xperia SP or Nexus 4?

    Which one to choose? Xperia SP or Nexus 4? XSP: Bigger battery, microSD support, OTG, getting it cheaper by 2k, but weaker processor and only 1GB RAM. Nexus 4: More powerful processor, 2 GB RAM, but no expandable storage, faulty OTG, and shorter standby time, 2k more. Have owners...
  11. omega44-xt

    Low budget, headset required

    Budget - 0.5k Type - Headphone with mic for use with phone (Currently using the bundled headset obtained with S2. I have a Sony headphone for use with laptop, so not interested in increasing budget much) Shortlisted product : Sony MH EX300AP Stereo Headset FOR Xperia SP Nexus 4 Xperia S Xperia...
  12. D

    Need android phone ~14k

    1. Budget?- 14k 2. Display type and size?- touch , 4"+ 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?-bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?-None 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).-touch 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front...
  13. A

    How to Safe root Sony Xperia E C1504

    How to root safely My Sony Xperia E C1504.Build no. is 11.3.A.0.47.I am completely newbie on this. What about kingo root app.Should i try it? And what are the risk involved after rooting?
  14. A

    Is gaming on a phone is a pleasurable experiance

    I am that type of guy who do whatsapp,internet surfing,and some calls.Moto E can fulfill my needs. But i am going to buy sony xperia SP.Because of gaming.My friends are insisting me to buy Xperia SP. Is gaming on a phone is a pleasurable experiance?Thanx
  15. A

    Which HD Games Xperia SP can play?

    Which HD Games Xperia SP can play.Is this is the best mid range phone right now.?? I saw bunch of videos on YT.But i think that they are Rooted. I want to know Which hd games this device can play. Games ranging From 500MB to 2GB in size. Some guy was playing Asphalt 8 on it on YT. Just...
  16. R

    Sony Xperia G Discussion Thread

    Well this is a bit early... but there is a Moto G rival on the Horizon. Sony Xperia G (Sony Xperia D5103) Source :
  17. M

    Sony xperia M

    Hi guys, need some input about xperia M .. as i'm planning to buy this one. anyone using this phone please tell about +ve and -ve of this device.. is it worth buying? - - - Updated - - - and how is Moto E ?
  18. S

    In-the-ear Headphone for Xperia U.

    I am planing to buy a new headphone for my Xperia U as my old sony headphone which was came "on the box" with the mobile is lost. As i head that Xperia U supports CITA standrad 3.5 jack. So I am a bit confused to buy a new headphone that it will support my Xperia U or not. My preferences are:-...
  19. A

    Two Questions about new purchasing.

    1 Is 8 GB Internal Memory is enough to install games(Big Titles Like Fifa, Modern Combat 4 Nova 3) (I am going to buy Sony Xperia Sp soon) 2 Can i use any USB Controller with my phone with OTG.
  20. A

    Sony Xperia L gaming Review

    I got 14000 in hand right now. My parents told me to buy a phone. I am going to buy Sony xperia l. But i'm confused b/w xperia l and moto g. People say that moto g proc is alot better than L. But i had chosen xperia L coz of 8 MP camera, NFC and PS3 Support, and Expandable Memory. My main...
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