Questions about Xperia ZR.


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Xperia ZR is now available at 20K at flipkart.Is it's price has came down in market.Is sony has stopped the production of Sony Xperia ZR.I have bought Sony Xperia SP last month at 17.5K.and I am getting a offer of 16K for it.So should i buy ZR by selling SP.

I will buy new mobile next year.Is technology will change after 1 year.Or should i buy Xperia ZR.Is Xperia ZR will stay for 4 years.


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The point is that by adding 4k extra you are getting ZR currently...If you buy a new phone next year by selling SP you will have to spend more....

Yes!!!! tech is changing very fast Galaxy S4 used to sell around 32k 4-5months back, now S5 is selling at 32k :D


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You'll get a better processor, more RAM and a better camera for 4k. :)) .
Xperia ZR lacks the glove mode though.
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