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  1. S

    Asus Xonar DG for 5.1 speakers

    I have bought F&D f700UF for my PC (It is ok for me , as no other 5.1 speakers - under 10K have delivery in my area). My sound card audio is - VIA its drivers are not working in Windows 10 64 sound is there , but in audio settings only 2 channel / 4 channel options are there. MB supports 5.1...
  2. I

    Asus M3N78-EM vs Asus xonar DX

    Hi all I've Asus m3n78-em mother board, can I add Asus xonar DX sound card to it? Will there be any difference in the audio or sound quality, I am using Edifier DA5000 pro 5.1 speakers pls help..
  3. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS Xonar U5 USB SoundCard Review

    ASUS Xonar U5 USB SoundCard Review A month back we tested the excellent ASUS Xonar U7 7.1 USB sound card. At Rs.5.6K price range U7 is a great product giving excellent sound quality and superb headphone experience. But for many users, especially in Indian market, this price seemed too much...
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS Xonar U7 USB SoundCard Review

    ASUS Xonar U7 USB SoundCard Review For past few years Xonar Soundcards has become quite the diverse player in the audio world and ASUS audio products have been seen everywhere from the high end external market, HTPC world to the entry level price conscience...
  5. RCuber

    Headset/Headphone for 5K

    I need a head phone or Headset for Gaming/Movies. Please recommend one for ~5-6K. Analog interface is needed and not USB, as I have a ASUS Xonar ST soundcard. My choices are Corsair 1400 or Audio Technica ATH-M30x Flipkart only, as I have a voucher for 5K.
  6. Gollum

    Asus Xonar DG 5.1 vs Realtek ALC 887 7.1 - Which is better?

    Specs: ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 Output: Bit Rate: 24-Bit, Sample rate: 96KHz, SNR: 105dB Input: 16-Bit, 48KHz, 103dB vs ALC887 7.1 Output: Bit Rate: 24-Bit, Sample Rate: 192KHz, SNR: 97dB Input: 24-Bit, 192KHz, 90dB...
  7. S

    [For Sale] Xonar DG PCI Card - 1 Day old

    Xonar DG PCI Card - opened yest and realized while connecting that its a PCI card & will not go in PCIe slot in MB. Wrapped and packed back. Purchased from TheITDepot.com Available in Mumbai - any other location shipping also doable - can discuss. Price - 1800/-
  8. The Incinerator

    [For Sale] Xonar DGX 1 Day OLD

    My bad luck the the DGX aint working on my PCIe 1 slot, I believe the PCIe x1 slot of my 5 years old P5N-E SLi has gone bad. But works great on my friends PC. I cant change Mainboard/Motherboard for the Audio Card!!! Ill have to sell it off and get the PCI Xonar DG instead. I loved the...
  9. quicky008

    Need some info about Asus Xonar DG sound card

    A few days ago my 2 years old SB Audigy Value sound card began to malfunction and so I had to stop using it .I'm using my motherboard's onboard audio at the moment but I'm not completely satisfied with its sound quality and so I've decided to buy a new card.Initially i wanted to go for a...
  10. J

    asus xonar dg problem

    hi i brought new asus xonar dg after install when i plug my 2.1 speakers the jack detention is not found the sound is not coming in asus xonar dg..... plug all the jack but not Automatic jack-sensing please help curently using onboard audio
  11. RCuber

    Cleaned My PC + Xonar ST shots

    So I cleaned my PC, did some long waited cable management. here are some pics .. Before - A messy wire and loads of dust!! After - Far better ASUS Xonar ST That's the max I could achieve in cable management (sort of :rolleyes: ) Config: Intel Core i5 2400 Intel DH67BL 2...
  12. A_ashish_A

    xonar stx

    Hi guys, I am trying to get the best possible sound from my pc. My main focus will be listening music. I currently have a 2.1 setup and headphones using asus xonar dg sound card. but i think xonar dg is incapable of giving best music quality. so i m planning on to buy asus xonar STX. i wanna...
  13. elton_1991

    Budget sound card under 2k

    Hi guys, Im going to Lamington Road on friday and was thinking of buying a sound card as the on-board one on my motherboard is crap.The only one I know of in this budget is the Asus Xonar DG at 1.6k.Is that a good card?And is there any other option in this budget thats better?Budget is strictly...
  14. g_suresh_mps

    Asus Xonar D2X + Edifier S550

    Hi friends, I purchased and installed Xonar d2x and edifier s550 now i have few doubts 1. While playing mp3 audio track, Is it possible to get sound from rear and center speakers (only front and sub woofer are working ) 2. While watching 5.1 Movies I am unable to hear voice loudly (rear...
  15. Aditya11

    Z906- No sound from center and rear speakers

    Yesterday I purchased Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System and Asus Xonar DX Sound card. I have connected my PC with the speaker system using both 6-channel direct and S/PDIF TOSLINK cable. Problem is, I am NOT getting any sound from the center and rear speakers while playing music and movies (only...
  16. M

    where can i find xonar DG in Bangalore

    Guys help me out where can i get Asus xonar DG? Currently I am in Bangalore.
  17. S

    Xonar D2X and Z5500

    Hi Friends, I bought Z5500 way back in 2007 at Rs 24,000 and its 05 years now since purchase. Till now I was using onboard sound through optical and it was serving good for me. When I purchased Z5500 I was thinking of also purchasing a good sound card, but due to budget constraints I was...
  18. Reaper_vivek

    Need to buy a decent sound card!!

    I am planning to get a sound card..even though my mobo currently has some good output... I am a newbie when it comes to Audio hardware... I am confused b/w Creative Titanium/Xtreme Gamer cards and the ASUS Xonar ones... Some1 pls tell me more about these and which one should I get?
  19. W

    Asus Xonar Essence ST sound card and MEElectronics M11P+ earphones

    ASUS Xonar Essence ST Purchase Date : 18-12-2010 Purchase Place : PrimeABGB Invoice : Yes Warranty : Till 18-12-2013.2 years remaining. Condition : 9/10 Reason For Sale : Need cash for something else. Description : This one doesn't need one.Google for a plethora of awesome reviews.This is the...
  20. GhorMaanas

    Sound-card duel : Xonar DX vs X-Fi

    Hi, will keep it short : 1. Budget - ~4k 2. Need - gaming as well as movies-music 3. Config - Asus Z68 V-Pro; Corsair TX850 V2; MSI GTX580 Lightning; Logitech 2.1 spkrs till now, read xonar DX better over simple x-fi...better drivers, crisp sound. any other card in this price...
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