1. manik786wani

    xbox360 controler , webcame , tv tuner

    gaming pad xbox360 controler for computer 1k only for window 8 pro 64bit webcame want any but having good qulity 1.2mp in 1-2k tv tuner a good in under 0.9k
  2. Amithansda

    [HELP]Need to Connect Xbox360 to LED monitor

    I have LG 22'' LED monitor (with HDMI ) (e2260) for my PC...and last week I got an old Xbox360 (with standard RCA connector)from my sister. The Xbox is running good, the only issue that worries me, it got no HDMI port!! Problem:How can i connect this xbox360 to my monitor and 2.1 creative...
  3. Revolution

    PCSX2 And XBOX360 Controller

    I have dumped one of PS2 game ISO. Now I have installed PCSX2 software at my PC. Now I want to play it at PC using XBOX360 controller. Is it possible ? Do I need any thing else for that like BIOS or have to change any setting ? Where can I get those ? Fisrt time trying to play PS2 games...
  4. S

    Suggest 22"LED/LCD TV For XBOX360

    Guys i bought a Xbox360 at last and going to buy a TV tomorrow(Not today coz I am confused after reading a lot of horrible stuff online). Here is what i want and what I am worried about. 1. I want 22 or 26 inches TV which is capable of using a PS3 in near future and also TATA SKY HD. 2. I...
  5. H

    Suggestion for a 32" LED 3D TV

    I am totally confused on which LED TV to get, * Samsung – UA32D6000 – Series 6 32inch 3D LED TV OR * Sony – KDL32EX720 – 32" EX720 Series BRAVIA 3D LCD TV I've tried googling both these models and the search returned nothing on reviews. I will be using this TV for Gaming (with...
  6. newway01

    PS2 or Xbox360 - Which one you pick?

    Hi guys, which of these consoles you will go with? Playstation 2 or XBox360? I'm not talking about PS3. Just the pretty old PS2. Comparing graphics and availability of games, Xbox tops it? Reason I'm asking is because , I wanna buy one of these..A Modded PS2 is available for 2600rs and...
  7. abhidev

    Games releasing in May 2011

    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC) Fable III (PC) L.A. Noire (PS3 Xbox360) Brink (Xbox360 PS3 PC) DiRT 3 (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Virtua Tennis 4 (Xbox360 PS3) MX vs. ATV Alive (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Source-->Tech2
  8. abhidev

    Upcoming Co-op games of 2011

    Dead Island (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Inversion (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Xbox360 PS3 PC) F.E.A.R. 3 (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Gears of War 3 (Xbox360) Resistance 3 (PS3) Resident Evil Raccoon City (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Brink...
  9. NewsBytes

    Next generation gaming consoles - Expectation and speculation

    Console gaming is one of a kind domain, where frequent updates and build refreshes are considered to be poor marketing strategy. Video game consoles usually have a lifecycle of 5 years; if one stands more than this period, the developers/publishers pat their own backs. Let's go back in fall...
  10. Goten

    Wanna buy a xbox360 n a HD screen in 22000 - Suggest

    Guyz i wanna a xbox360 preferably a cracked one from palika. Whatr the price of core n other systems. Also i want a screen of ne size but it shud b hd. Pls suggest make n prices. Peace~~~!
  11. S

    outperforming x360

    :?:will a core 2 duo 2.4 ghz,9600gt or 8800gt , 2 gb raam outperform the xbox360:?:
  12. H

    Is this the rite time to buy a Xbox360..?

    Xbox360 rates slashed officially in the US... Hi fellow Gamers, I am planning to buy a Xbox360..but since Xbox has already announced officially the reduction of the rates of the Xbox360 series effective from Aug 8th. i am wonderin should i wait for some more time(till it comes to india)... I...
  13. Z

    directx10 or xbox360

    hi ppl i m confused whether i shoud get xbox360 or upgrade my system pls help me
  14. PCWORM

    How to Drift..............???

    hi guyz.......... Ive recently purchased Forza motorsport 2 for my xbox360... is it possible to Drift in the game and how???? Thanks in advance.......
  15. soumya

    Which console to buy right now? PS2 or XBOX 360

    Guys, I know that no comparison should be made between the ps2 and xbox360 in regards to hardware but we should also consider the huge library of games and cheaper price of ps2.
  16. sagardani

    can we have THX on PS3???

    can we have THX certified audio quality on Sony PS3 and/or Xbox360??? (provided we've such speakers)
  17. hbk549

    Help me to Decide

    Help me to Decide wheatger to Buy Xbox360 or Playstation3 Please help me your statements will help me to decide
  18. hbk549

    Xbox360 ads on Mtv

    have any one seen xbox360 ad on mtv ... "People jumping here and there....." can any one post the ads here
  19. singh

    poll for ps3 or xbox 360

    I am planning to buy these stuffs & surfed both of their websites. The problem is that playstation3 is 600 $ while Xbox360 is 399 $. Earlier I never have used these stuffs so can somebody help me.
  20. hbk549

    Xbox360 Queries

    Post all your Queries about Xbox360 1.Price 2.Hardware 3.Can it play pirated DVD or not 4.Will Xbox360 launch will be succes in India or not 5.All the things you like
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