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directx10 or xbox360

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Zeeshan Quireshi

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zodyac said:
hi ppl i m confused whether i shoud get xbox360 or upgrade my system pls help me
Xbox 360 is you want pure gaming nirvana :)

DX10 card if you want to do other stuff too and gaming is not the main purpose .


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xbox360 games are expensive and availability will be a prob. i'd suggest upgrading ur comp
I would suggest you go for the PS3, not that I'm telling because I love it, but because of the plain fact that it can be used like any other computer as well.

You can install linux on a PS3 and use it just like any normal computer and have all the functionality of a computer and at the same time, have the best gaming console in world. So, you don't really need to go for a DX10 card, because PS3 already has a better one, so go for it!! :p

FYI: Guys, please dont' argue about the PS3 and XBOX360 here. There is a seperate thread available for that where you can express your views on the same.:cool:


i wud suggest an x360.m saying this coz it wud be a lot cheaper than upgrading ur pc.as u have started this thread asking for help on what to buy BETWEEN the x360 or dx10card so it is already clear that if u go for the card u'll not buy nething less than 8800gts and obviously will upgrade ur RAM.in that much moolah u can easily bag an x360.unless u r in the animation thing u can easily use ur currnet ps for other works and playing older pc only games as nowdays almost all games are being launched for x360 as well as pc.and yeah,about the game prices.dood if u dont wanna play on xbox live(which is one of the "beshtesht" thing in x360) u can always get a mod chip.even on-off maod chips are in development phase in which u cna turn off the modchip when playing on xbl and this way MS wont catch u.
HAPPY buying mate:)


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U can always compare graphics quality between different platforms to a certain level but in the end it depends what games u wanna play!!

If u wanna play Crisis, u need a DX10 high end PC!!

If u wanna play Forza Motorsports 2 or Halo 3 or Gears Of War (although its comin for PC also), u need XBox 360!!

If u wanna play MotorStorm, Grand Turismo HD, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII etc, u need PS3!!

I am giving examples of mostly upcoming games! (Future proofing ur gaming rig)

Cost wise, consoles will always be cheaper than a high end gaming PC


Go for the XBOX360,,, even i own the core system
it is a sure value for money.. the graphics are life-like.
u even get some exclusives like Forza motorsport 2..


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gangadhar said:
If U R A HardCore Gamer I Will Suggest Console(PS3 Or Xbox30).

Ya hardcore gamers play FPS with dumbed down AI and analog poop sticks to aim (auto aim , sheesh) slow moving targets. Yup pretty hardcore.

Go for PC upgrade.
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I think u should go for 360 becauz now nvidia gonna launch direct x 10.1 cards 9800 gtx soon so how much time will u update ur pc to play games its very bad pain


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NO one needs to keep buying new hardware as it comes out, if you dont buy 9800gtx as it comes out it is not the matter of national shame. The ppl who are buying 8800gtx's today will be playing games at highest quality for atleast 3 yrs(and maybe even after that). Budget gamers can buy 8600gt which is very good value for money.

Are Indians getting 3 yrs warranty for the 360 red ring? because 360's screw up, how is the support here?
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