[HELP]Need to Connect Xbox360 to LED monitor


I have LG 22'' LED monitor (with HDMI ) (e2260) for my PC...and last week I got an old Xbox360 (with standard RCA connector)from my sister. The Xbox is running good, the only issue that worries me, it got no HDMI port!!

Problem:How can i connect this xbox360 to my monitor and 2.1 creative speaker?
Googled a little bit, and came with these following solutions.

Probable solution1: buy an xbox AVVGA cable (About Rs899 to 1200)cable and connect my console to the screen, but how can I connect the speaker?
Probable solution2: buy an external TV card...so I connect xbox to the tuner card and then goes from tuner to the screen, will this work?

So, which solution should I go for?AVVGA cable or Ext Tuner? If you got another nice idea, do share.

Thanks in advance.
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