1. RageshAntony

    Suggest a best internal dvd writer

    Hello Friends , I want to buy a new internal DVD writer but i am confused which brand & model is best? Suggest me best model pls. 2 ) Is there is any DVD writer that capable of reading corrupted DVDs? (that is it must have special technologies to read corrupted disks)
  2. A

    Free software for burning cd in window 8 laptop

    please suggest any software i can download.i have a win 8 laptop which DOESNT have a cd writer in built hence i use an external cd writer but b urning cd is a problem.what free software can i download for this
  3. B

    DVD Writer can't read Dual Layer Disks

    Hi i have a DVD writer from Samsung its model no is "TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F" and Firmware Version : ID02. I am not able to read and write Dual layer disks plz help Also i have attached Nero Info tool, which supports my wrd
  4. maheshn

    My New Blu-Ray Writer

    Hello everyone, my brand new Blu-Ray Writer :-) LG WH14NS40 - purchased through a friend from Chennai. Cost 6600/- (No courier charges). (*for chennai-ites, not from Ritchie Street - from Parrys :wink: ) Please note even after resizing the images are around 2.6megs all together - sorry...
  5. shreeux

    Suggest Best Key Board and DVD Writer?

    hi I like to buy best key board with USB connectIon for regular use and gaming also budget is below 2000 rs... AND dvd writer for best life span....for sata connection..... Note: In 2006 i was bought samsung dvd writer (white color) still working this is IDE connection....
  6. RohanM

    Suggest Good Internal DVD Writer - SATA

    Hello Guys, My old Sony DVD writer is not almost dead & I want a new one. Please suggest me a good internal SATA DVD writer (which should be released recently) Budget - 1200 /- Thanks. :lol:
  7. B

    Samsung DVD Writer

    Hey guys I have a samsung DVD writer which out of the blue has stopped reading dual layer dvd's but is perfectly reading cd and single layer dvd's. I checked on the dvd's box it shows that it can read dual layers Also i have to hit the dvd writer to make its tray open it dosent open itself...
  8. bubusam13

    DVD writer problem. What to do ?

    Hi, I even don't know it its the correct thread to post or should I post it in buying section. Else mods pls move it to the right section. I have a old LG DVD Writer. I bought it in 2006 and it started showing signs of aging. It take long time in recognizing discs, etc etc. But it recognises...
  9. Nerevarine

    DVD Writer woes

    Yesterday i burned 4 Moserbaer Pro discs, on my ASUS DRW5ST DVD Writer and all of them completed successfully, but the disc fails to open.. I tried burning with Alcohol 120% and IMGBurn, but the results are the same :(.. Is it because of my writer or is this just a bad batch.. Also someting i...
  10. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Transcend slim portable cd/dvd writer review

    Today im gonna review the TRANSCEND SLIM PORTABLE CD/DVD WRITER REVIEW which i bought a few months ago . Now im thinking to review this product So lets start the review _________________ CLOSER LOOK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX the front is basically the image of that product and some details bout the...
  11. C

    Suggest DVD Writer

    Guys i need a dvd writer since my old one isn't working anymore Budget 2.3K suggest me internal & external dvd writer.(i'll buy only 1 one of) which 1 is better internal or external?
  12. reniarahim1

    [For Sale] Intel Pentium 4 PC for Sale

    1. *Model number and details: Motherboard - Mercury 845GL NDSMx CPU - Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz RAM - Strontium 1GB DDR Ram LAN Card Sony DVD Writer (This is an IDE DVD Writer) 2. *Date of purchase: Motherboard and CPU is almost 10 year old , RAM and DVD Writer around 3 years. 3. Reason for...
  13. GhorMaanas

    Buffalo USB DVD Writer

    1. Products (models) on sale: Buffalo USB DVD Writer Buffalo MediaStation 8x Portable CD/DVD Writer | External Dvd Writer | Flipkart.com 2. Date of Purchase: Sept.. 2011 3. Price: 1400/- 1200/- shipped 4. Reason for sale: lying unused. 5. Product condition: 9/10. have NEVER used it even...
  14. v2kisad

    Need a IDE DVD Writer

    I need a IDE DVD Writer. Any pointers to a online link for purchase would be of immense help. Thanks.
  15. U

    i3 2100 or phenom ii x4 965be for budget gaming rig

    Hi friends I am going to buy a gaming rig within 31k. I will use it to game at 1600x900, surfing the net and excel and programming. 1.Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 2.Motherboard: ASRock H61M-HVGS 3.RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz 4.HDD: 500GB 5.Graphics Card: MSI R6850 PM2D1GD5 6.Monitor: Acer...
  16. sam9953

    Not able to write DVD - RW and CD - RW

    Hi there guys, I am using a very old Pentium 4 machine and it has a Samsung DVD writer. I bought several CD - RW of Sony and a few DVD - RW. None of them is working properly, whenever I try to burn them using Nero it says "burning failed". I just have one DVD + RW and only that is working fine...
  17. R

    DVD writer woes

    Hey frnds, I m facing prblms wid my dvd writer .whenever i use CD's it works fine bt it does'nt read DVD's.pllease help!:-?
  18. happy17292

    DVD burner?? which one should i buy?

    I am looking for a SATA DVD writer as my new motherboard does not support my current IDE DVD writer.. i rarely write any Cd/DVD. So writing speed does not really worries me. i just want a long lasting drive my old LG DVD writer [IDE] is 3.5 years old and still works perfectly. plz...
  19. mayoorite

    Install windows 7 on laptop by pc

    HI! My windows 7 disc is in very bad condition but earlier as a backup i have made its iso file.Now i want to install windows 7 on my new pre installed dos laptop but i couldn't burn the iso to DVD as my writer is not working,neither i got success to make bootable usb drive.So i want to install...
  20. dfcols71

    want to buy these components

    1.asus monitor-ASUS 24" ML248H or ASUS ML 238H 2.keyboard mouse combo- Logitech Wireless Desktop MK320 3.dvd writer-asus internal dvd writer -sata 4.ups- apc ups 1100 va please tell where can i buy at lowest prices and shipping charges to trivandrum
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