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  1. quagmire

    Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine Says Farewell

    Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine Says Farewell - TorrentFrea Damn, first it was YIFY then KAT now this. 2016 is the worst year for pirates.. :banghead: - - - Updated - - - Good discussion here, lets move on.. Torrentz Shuts Down, Largest Torrent Meta-Search...
  2. N

    MTS Ultra WiFi vs Photon Max WiFi

    What I know : 1) MTS quite faster than Photon in Delhi but both don't provide the promised speed 2) MTS prepaid better than MTS postpaid as people claim of receiving huge bills but prepaid costs approx. 2500 rupees with 10 GB recharge already...
  3. H

    Worst/Best company logos in history?

    Feel free to post any logo whether old or new, as long as it has officially been used. Worst: Naughty Dog Best: and They should fire whoever changed the logo to grey.
  4. S

    Gaming Laptop.PLZ HELP!!!!

    HII I want to buy a good gaming laptop.. Requirements: Core i5 3rd gen Nvidia geforce gt 640/650m(only nvidia.amd is not an option) Budget-upto 65k Screen size may vary.Is 17" too big a lappy?? Most of all after sale service should be atleast tolerable cuz i knw all have worst a.s.s...
  5. reddick

    iPhone 5S to be launched by June 2013

    Source So as it was not expected ,If the rumors were to be believed ,which had to be happened too early! But it has been alleged that 5S would have improved Camera, NFC compatibility,Battery power enhancement, etc. Further, iPhone 5 is the worst kept secret so I believe this may be true...
  6. D

    HDD issue of Lenovo Laptop

    hdd of my laptop was ok, but recently windows detected some error on hdd. with diskcheckup utility it is saying: reallocated sector count status: fail value 140 worst 140 threshold 140 raw value 478 predicted tec date n.a. any help? hdd is out of warranty...
  7. A

    Worst thing you have ever done in school/college (Morally)

  8. A

    Linus Torvalds: 'NVIDIA is the worst we've ever dealt with' and shows middle finger to NVIDIA

    Fresh from receiving technology prize plaudits, Linux creator Torvalds is still telling it how it is. In a recent Q&A session at Aalto University in Finland, he said that NVIDIA was "single worst company we've ever dealt with," responding to an audience member's question on her Optimus-powered...
  9. abhijit_reddevil

    Survey finds Bangalore has India's worst behaved motorists

    Survey finds Bangalore has India’s worst-behaved motorists - The Times of India But I think Kolkata has the worst.
  10. R

    Unistall Windows8 URGENT ***

    I'm running Windows7 on my C drive. I also have Windows8 Consumer preview on my D drive with other Data such as movies,songs. how can i uninstall Win8 without deleting my data? or In Worst Case how do i get rid of it without affecting C drive ? pls reply
  11. S

    worst service by indiaplaza

    I ordered a book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (children's edition) costing Rs 259/- from Indiaplaza.in almost one and a half month ago. After 8 days they sent me the book. I opened the package only to find HP (signature edition) costing Rs 239/-. I booked tickets on their site one...
  12. lm2k

    bad digimax p&s

    hello everybody, i hav a old digimax P&s but frm past few weeks when ever i snap any foto it shows enormous horrizontal lines, things get worst in brite lite conditions see some samples so what this mean? some more samples things get worst in brite liting.:sad:
  13. Tenida

    Dual-sim phone under 2K!!!

    Suggest me good dual-sim phone under 2K.I need no extra feature like MP3 player or Fm radio or something.Please don't suggest me phone from Micromax or other Chinese brand.I have used Q50 earlier, believe its most worst phone i ever used:-x Brand to choose- Nokia Samsung LG Motorola...
  14. Razor 1911

    Worst game that you have played ?

    Post the worst game that you have ever played.The game that you hated the Most ? Mine: DeadRising
  15. manistar

    Kghosting.com - Worst customer care and support.

    Kghosting.com - Worst customer care i have ever seen. Worse than bsnl and other govt offices. I got a hosting plan from kghosting after looking at the ad in digit magazine. i searched in internet for reviews but couldnot find it. so i bought it. I agree its one of the cheapest hosting...
  16. P

    TIKONA Broadband Review

    Guys PLEASE don't go for TIKONA broadband, its the worst boradband service I have ever seen. First of all they took 3 weeks to do the installation after payment, once installed there is not continuous connection, every now and then it gets disconnected. I had opted for 300 kbps unlimited...
  17. eggman

    SOmething to LOL about :))

    Titanic sinks in worst film poll Beatles classic voted worst song Seriously, what are they trying to achieve by publishing these "results:!!! Titanic Worst film???Lolol......... What about Trolls 2!!! We will rock you no 5 on worst song!!! lololol :?
  18. R

    Best & Worst N-Serie Camera Phones

    Acc 2 me the N82 is the best
  19. Psychosocial

    The Worst ISP ??

    Which is the worst ISP from your perspective ?? For me, its the one I'm using.....BSNL DataONe. This just sux. Just a 15mins of heavy rainfall and every thing fukked up!!! :mad: I keep disconnecting since the rain stopped. I d/c 6 times in 12mins :mad:. Just bcoz of 15mins of heavy rainfall...
  20. Cool Buddy

    Activating my connection

    recently i bought a samsung mobile and got a vodafone connection free with it. Can anyone tell me how to activate the connection? the customercare is in the worst form of the century. they are all talking just rubish when contacted. plz help
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