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Is it wise to use dual core processors in laptops? (i am worried about the cooling arrangements)


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First of all, core2duo processors have very low heat dissipation levels and are much cooler than Pentium M (single core) processors. You can go for Intel core2duo based laptops.


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And secondly, it is not really your business to worry about heat dissipation issues on a pre-assembled machine such as a laptop. It is the manufacturer's problem. If you buy a laptop and find that it gets heated up too much, you can always ask for a replacement. :)


Well my dell laptop has an auto-cutoff one day someone accidently put it in the case and rather than going on stand by mode it just kept running. Since the laptops fans (yes mine has two) got blocked it over-heated but then there was an auto-cutoff which Thank god!!! saved the day.
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