1. G

    Lan connection between winXP and win7

    Hello digit! My uncle has ethernet connected to a desktop with winXP. He recently bought a laptop which has win7 installed. He wants to connect the laptop to the internet to. The fact is I have no idea how to set up a lan connection in winXP over a modem, recently learned doing so in win7. I...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Installing WinXP on a clean HDD using Plop boot manager

    Hello! i recently received a refurbished 500GB HDD for my old laptop in RMA from Seagate. i wish to install WinXP on it. however, the laptop's optical drive is defunct, and nor does its BIOS support USB-boot option. i understand that i may need to use Plop boot manager to enable the USB-boot...
  3. A

    Xp login problem

    After fresh installation every time i have to press f1 then a white and black stripes progressing 2 or 4 minutes completing that log in screen comes help
  4. Aditya11

    [HELP] Windows Partition Corrupted

    Last night, I was playing Fallout: New Vegas on Win 7 32-bit with the latest nVidia drivers. There are numerous reports of the game’s bugginess, but I encountered only two CTDs...until…it crashed one more time and somehow managed to corrupt taskmanager.exe and then whole windows partition! PC...
  5. wizrulz

    Network Card Problem

    Hello, I have bought AMD X2 245, Biostar 780L3 and Corsair 2Gb DDR3 ram 1333mhz. I used the old 1Tb Seagate from my old config...with pre installed winxp I have installed all the drivers from the given driver CD.... the problem is its hows two realtek network and two HD audio in...
  6. P

    XP files on 2 drives

    my system consists of 2 harddrives[160GB SATA+250 GB SATA]. i recently installed winXP x64. during installation i formatted the primary partitions on both the drives and then installed it onto the 250GB's primary partition. but now there are some windows files installed on the primary...
  7. S

    WinXP, Win7, Ubuntu triple boot

    Hi, I have 3 HDD's A- WinXP B- Ubuntu 10.04 C- Win7 64bit Professional I installed WinxP first, Win7 later and Ubnutu last. However after installing Win7, WinXP is not shown in boot menu. So i used EasyBCD to add the entry manually, the entry appears however i get ntldr error and winxp...
  8. T

    How to remove Windows 7?

    Here is the situation: C: WinXP I: Windows 7 Now how do i get rid of Windows 7 without messing with the WinXP installation. I don't want to re-install WinXP.
  9. R

    WinXp display driver not supporting 1600x900 Resolution

    Hi, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2033sw monitor [20 inch] which supports 1600x900 resolution. But my display driver [Via K8M800 - S3G Unichrome Pro IGP] in WinXp shows maximum of 1440x900 resolution, which is not suitable for screen. I use Linux Mint in dual boot and it supports 1600x900 with...
  10. M

    MSI LiveUpdate crashing the system

    I have been trying to use MSI's LiveUpdate v 3.99 to update my MSI motherboard but each time I try the system crashes with the Blue Screen. I have tried different versions of LiveUpdate but the problem remains. Sometimes the system crashed, during boot-up, even when I am not looking for the...
  11. veddotcom

    Oracle 8i Installing Problem in XP

    I Installed Oracle 8i in my PC using XP,Immediatly After Installing It was Running Fine, Means It was Accepting SCOTT TIGER, But After Restarting its not Accepting SCOTT-TIGER or SYSTEM-MANAGER, Why this is SO? What Should i Do now? I Installed Oracle Personal Edition, I m Using Winxp...
  12. U

    Problem removing Ubuntu

    Hi! I decided to remove Ubuntu 8.10 as it was taking up most of my HDD space. I did what one of the forum members said; go to recovery console by WinXP CD, and enter fixmbr. But when I enter the console, it asks me the administrator password. Now when i don't have one, what do I type?
  13. N

    Can I overclock my RAM?????

    Hi! I have Transcend 2GB RAM 667MHz and I have Intel DG31PR MoBo. How can I overclock the RAM?? And I have WinXP and WinVista, If I overclock in WinXP, does the overclocked speed of the RAM will be usable in WinVista??? And CPU Overclocking???? WTF!! How's the chipset of the MoBo for...
  14. C

    20GB hard space is missing

    Hi techGods, I have 80GB hard disk having winXp OS... today i deleted 25GB from this to install i not able to configure internet connection settings in ubuntu and not find it very much useful compare to Winxp.. i removed it... but now when i installed WinXp right from scrtch...
  15. sushan

    Need to make winxp bootable cd

    DEar frens, I need to keep one winxp bootable cd,please suggest me what the procedure. Thanks Sushan
  16. S

    WinXP Active Desktop Failure - Nagging issue

    This is the 2nd time it's happening to me... My WinXP Active Desktop has thrown a Failure error (screenshot attached)... Clicking on the "Restore my Active Desktop" button results in a script error.. None of the other options work too. Last time I had to delete my winxp user profile and have a...
  17. windchimes

    Best Online Virus Scan?

    Can you specify me the best online/malware scan available? OS is WINXP SP2.
  18. enticer86

    WinXP installation problem :(

    Friends help me out. Yesterday while booting up my PC, it was very slow and showed me the option viz Start normally, safe mode etc. I tried all options but it works fine till the log-in to windows page. After that it restarted automatically and repeated this. So after trying everything, I...
  19. P

    WinXp possible for TOSHIBA Satellite A100 - 1301D laptop ?

    Hi all. i would like to buy Toshiba Sattellite A100-1301D,which is basically vista installed.Is it possible to install winXp? Do all the Drivers available?By the way Whats the price of the new laptop? Warm Regards, M.parivel.
  20. rhitwick

    Howto resize partition?

    Hi, I've windows installed in my (C) drive and a separate drive (D) for Program files. C is of 7 GB and D is of 15 GB. I want to resize my C drive to 12 GB. How do I do it? O.S. currently in use WinXP with SP3.
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