1. rajesh00

    Deepcool Teseract

    Just wanna show my new buy :wink: Old config though. :razz:
  2. Thetrueblueviking

    GTX 560 SE vs RADEON HD 7770.

    Purely for gaming purposes, I would really like to know which ones better ---- I did quite a research only to find mixed opinions. However the 560 SE seems to have the edge. Your views --- :wink:
  3. TheMost

    Cheap and best Gaming mouse

    I was playing battlefield 3 and got fed up with my ordinary mouse which doesn't click properly.. :cry: Decided to get a gaming mouse ... I am really am not sure whether i should invest some 2k in a mouse ... I would like to get a good lasting and comfortable mouse with the best rate...
  4. Zangetsu

    Life without Computers...

    What would it be...what would you have done if Computers didn't exists or invented by mankind... share your views :wink:
  5. digit06

    Help me buy !

    Guys i need a configurations of a cheap upadate to my motherboard+cpu+HDD Ram my budget is around 5,000 only so please update me which will set me budget :wink: and no need of gpu ok i am having one gt 560 pci express with me!
  6. J

    Need Good 2.1 Speaker Systems Under 5k

    I have been using the pretty wierd:shock: Mercury spekers for quite a long time.Now I am planning of an upgrade to a good 2.1 system. I will be using it with my PC having Realtek ALC888 on-board for watching movies,playing games(of Course :wink:) and a whole lot mix of songs (almost every...
  7. kARTechnology

    Cooler Master Elite 311 Review/Discussion Thread

    Cooler Master Elite 311 Discussion Thread Got it at Flipkart @ Rs. 2268 inclusive of all taxes Features Here is the link for the Product page Coolermaster Elite 311 Disadwantages I removed the front HDD Cage just to get free space :wink: Removed HDD Cage Blue bezel + Blue LED + Blue...
  8. M

    enermax Fan

    hi can you tell me where i can get enermax apollish silver fan they are just awsum looking fans :mrgreen: this is youtube link Please tell me :wink:
  9. soumo27

    IEM required for 700-900 :D

    Need a new In Ear type Headphone, primarily for Gaming. Can stretch price up to 1k :D Primarily Feature required: - Noise Cancellation and Good Bass. :wink: Will prefer to buy online from Flipkart or Pristine-Note :)
  10. A

    Need Processor and mobo

    Hi all...I want to buy processor and motherboard...within the range rs. 13K for both...processor should be from i5 please refer me some good mobos that reduce the need for video uses are gaming surfing .........please refer some good one...thaks in advance...:wink:
  11. theserpent

    After effects

    Hey i looking for an tutorial to learn after effects from scratch :wink:
  12. R

    Hosting Servers!!

    Thinkdigit has a lot of members online, now and then, the pages load fast, Wonder where thinkdigit is hosted? Anyone can tell? :wink:
  13. S

    Headphone in Rs 1000 for Gaming!

    Hey bros, I need a gaming Headphone in Rs 1000. I know thats very low budget for gaming headphone :neutral:, but which is best at this price range? that must be closed ear headphones! :wink: ... from pune!
  14. soumo27

    Need new 2.1 speakers within 1k

    Need a new 2.1 speaker. Budget: 1k (max) Usage: Movies(occasionally) and Gaming(Regularly) :wink:
  15. pepsodent

    Apple ipod touch 4g 32gb (registered on 2-March-2011)

    sold out :wink: mods please close this thread.
  16. N

    Advice needed for a new CPU

    Hi guys, I"m new to thinkdigit, but not new to computers as such. Let's just say that i've been outta the game for some time now. So i would really appreciate your help in assembling a new CPU. I need it for my office, so that means it should be able to handle heavy simulations and be good at...
  17. crawwww

    Who do you think is the hottest Indian?

    Who do you think is the Cutest Indian Girl? Who do you think is the Cutest Indian Girl? Post an image. I like her, Jennifer Wingit: Please don't post obscene images :wink:
  18. N

    *Your favourite PC Game Character*

    Hi, Vote for your favourite Character :wink:
  19. Plasma_Snake

    C in Visual Studio

    Is it possible to make traditional C programs in Visual studio 2005? If "Yes" then "How"? :wink:
  20. J

    software, that can run .sis files on pc

    hi friends, do you know any software that can run symbian applications on pc ? :wink:
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